Visualize Your Smartsheet Data in Microsoft Power BI


Visualize Your Smartsheet Data in Microsoft Power BI

Customers are constantly looking for detailed insights into their work, or to see their data presented in new and innovative ways to achieve results more efficiently. Microsoft’s Power BI makes it easy for anyone who needs to visualize their workflows in Smartsheet by creating dashboards and other visualizations in Power BI. Although Smartsheet customers can use the Live Data Connector to connect Smartsheet to a visualization tool of their choice, Microsoft has just simplified the process by enabling an out-of-the-box integration to the new Power BI platform.

Overview of Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service that enables data analysts to visualize and analyze data with greater speed, efficiency, and understanding. It connects users to a broad range of live data through easy-to-use dashboards, provides interactive reports, and delivers compelling visualizations that bring data to life. Working closely with our team, Microsoft is releasing the following two Smartsheet integrations:

  1. Smartsheet connector for Power BI desktop — The optimal integration for Smartsheet customers on Office 365 who need to summarize data from multiple sheets and workspaces as well as external sources like Excel, Salesforce, and SAP.
  2. Smartsheet content pack — Best for Smartsheet customers who want to summarize data from multiple sheets and workspaces within Smartsheet. (Requires no existing Microsoft products.)

Both integrations are now available to customers as a beta, or preview release, from Microsoft’s Power BI site. After about five minutes of setup, our customers can create personalized dashboards and run reports. 

Smartsheet Desktop Connector


The Smartsheet desktop connector enables users to combine their data from Smartsheet with other data sources to create powerful visualizations and get deep insights and analytics. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Easy navigation of the workspace, folder, and sheet hierarchy.
  • Get a preview of selected sheets quickly. Select multiple combinations of sheets and reports as data sources.
  • Create relationships between different sheets quickly and easily using drag-and-drop functionality. Additionally, create relationships with other data sources such as Salesforce, SAP, and other leading enterprise tools.
  • Build beautiful dashboards and visualizations with a few clicks.

Smartsheet Content Pack

The Smartsheet content pack for Power BI gives users an out-of-the-box dashboard for their Smartsheet environment. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Easily access a single view of your entire Smartsheet environment.
  • Hover over visualizations to get additional details.
  • Drill down into the data by clicking on dashboard items.

Beautiful Dashboards for your Data

  1. The integrations maintain the logical hierarchy of Smartsheet workspaces, folders, and sheets, so you can find the right data source easily. Data is always up to date, without lowering performance.
  2. Users can choose any combination of sheets and reports in Smartsheet with data from other Power BI sources (such as CRM, ERP, etc.) to get insights across tools and organizations.
  3. Business users with any technical skill level can now create charts and dashboards with Power BI's easy-to-use interface. Managers can keep everyone unified by sharing the same dashboard with the rest of the team so everyone monitors identical key metrics.
  4. Power BI includes Mobile apps for Windows, iOS, and Android, so you can monitor your Smartsheet dashboards while on the go.

Try Power BI with Smartsheet

To get started with Smartsheet’s integration to Power BI:

  1. Smartsheet desktop connector (Free and paid versions available) - Download the Power BI desktop and then search for Smartsheet as a data source.
  2. Smartsheet content pack (Free and paid versions available) - Sign in to Power BI website and search for Smartsheet in the list of content packs.

Visit Smartsheet’s Microsoft partnership page for more information. 


Power BI

Hi Team, Like the concept of the idea and integration. However your column type Text/Number is holding back how useful BI is. Due to the column been either Text or Number, Power BI assumes the column type to be Text, which removes any summarization options (other than count) to be used, which limits effectiveness of creating dashboards.

RE: Power BI

Smartsheet Community Manager's picture
David - Your feedback is much appreciated. We always want our integrations to be as effective as possible and therefore we will pass this information along to the product team. Thanks! – The Smartsheet Team

Power BI Column Type Follow Up

Hey David, Thanks for using this connector! Once you've connected your Smartsheet data to Power BI you'll need to 'Model' your data. This is where you'll indicate to power BI what type of data is contained within each column. From this section you can indicate if the text is referencing a city name, country, address, plain text, etc... For more information on Power BI modeling please check out this article/video:

The problem I seem to be

The problem I seem to be having is that we have a column which has to be formatted as "Date" due to it driving formulas in other columns. However some cells in that Column do not require dates and are simply text. As a result when Power BI Desktop pulls this column in it treats this data as "Text". However when pushed to the web it retains this data until the first refresh then simply loses these column's values. It is as if the web report is unable to retain the conversion to text once published.

Power Bi

Hi, I've now been using Power Bi linked to SS for a week to do my dept KPIs. I've gotta say the combination is amazing. I've produced all my metrics in a dashboard over a couple of days with lots of pleasant surprises on how well things work. Regarding the column type; it hasn't turned out to be a problem as Power Bi makes a pretty good guess at what the data is, plus you can always force it when you query the data. The combination of Sights for quick basic dashboards with real time updating for everyday metrics and Power BI for my company KPIs has made me pretty happy at the moment... Cheers team - Roland (Oak Frame Design Manager - Oakwrights Ltd)

RE: Power Bi

Smartsheet Community Manager's picture
Thank you for sharing your experience, Roland! Happy to hear the combination is helping your workflow. Best regards, The Smartsheet Team

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