Card View Gallery

Card View Gallery

Empower teams across your organization with a highly-visual way to work, communicate, and collaborate in Smartsheet. Card view brings agility to multiple scenarios, to increase speed and performance.

Card view is available to Smartsheet users at no extra cost.

IT Ticketing

IT Request Management

Increase visibility into the IT ticketing process to ensure requests are fulfilled.

  • Track tickets to completion by moving tasks through lanes
  • Use symbols and color coding as a visual representation of task importance
  • Streamline the IT ticketing process with a simple intake web form
  • Increased speed to resolve user issues results in higher user satisfaction
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Sales Pipeline

Product Release Roadmap

Help marketing and product teams align to easily meet delivery targets for new products and features.

  • Track deliverables by month, quarter, or year by moving them through lanes
  • Include color coding to provide an organized view of the details
  • Leverage formulas to automatically identify gaps in your plan by assignee, status, or type
  • Gain visibility and one-click access to every feature in the pipeline
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Task Tracker

Personal Task Tracker

Visualize, prioritize, and take action on your to-do list.

  • Great for personal tasks such as grocery lists, house projects, errands, and more
  • Drag-and-drop cards between lanes to update status
  • Gain a view into task status using symbols and color coding
  • Make edits to task details right from individual cards
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Agile Backlog

Sprint Planning Board

Provide a visual way for Agile teams to manage their projects.

  • Track tasks through sprints by moving tasks through lanes
  • Use symbols to provide a quick visual of task status
  • Drive accountability with a view into task ownership and status
  • Identify the impact of project delays
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Project Plan

Bug Tracker Board

Create a more visual way for teams to track and manage bugs.

  • Centralize key details, such as the steps required to reproduce a bug, in one location
  • View bugs by status, priority, and owner to quickly see the big picture
  • Quickly make updates by moving bugs between lanes
  • Improve visibility and speed to execution with automatic alerts for new bugs
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Initiative Tracking

Team Project Task Board

Stay informed on the progress of key initiatives across teams, projects, and processes.

  • View and track projects across your team by assignee, status, or feature type
  • Align teams on key initiatives using symbols to identify importance
  • Identify resource gaps and balance workload
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