How to enable the tech tools you need to do your best work – without IT’s help

by Staff Writer


Having the right team in place is pure magic. When you assemble a group of engaged, talented employees, they can drive each other to conceive innovative ideas that can truly give your business an edge.

But there’s nothing more frustrating – and no better way to hinder effectiveness and dampen morale – than watching those great ideas die on the vine simply because the team doesn’t have the technical tools they need to bring them to fruition. This problem is likely more common than you realize: only one-third of workers say they are “very satisfied” with the mix of tools they have to get their work done.

Only one-third of employees are 'very satisfied' with the mix of tools used to get their work done

Further hampering team effectiveness is the fact that even when teams have the right tools, they often have to rely on a mix of platforms and applications that don’t work well together. Even if they have the right tool for one aspect of a workflow, it’s difficult to integrate an end-to-end solution that makes it possible to scale the work moving forward.

IT isn’t the answer to this common problem – here’s what is

Though IT departments seek to provide the right technical and business solutions for everyone to do their best work, that’s not always the reality. It’s not that IT departments want to stand in the way of progress, but in terms of supporting the organization – it’s that they likely have a queue of important requests that require immediate attention in addition to their other initiatives, and there’s only so much support to go around. 

Meanwhile, for employees excited to execute on their great ideas, long lags can diminish enthusiasm, delay results, and increase the risk of being outpaced by the competition. 

But you don’t have to be an IT pro to customize your own solution and eliminate this bottleneck altogether. Collaborative work management platforms unite collaborative activities and combine management oversight with the work getting done so teams can work more effectively.

The right platform is critical for teams to succeed

Look for a no-code platform that can be configured without IT’s intervention, connecting the tools your team needs to do their best work. Step-by-step instructions and intuitive interfaces can make it easy to build custom dashboards that provide at-a-glance visibility into performance data, run surveys and share status reports to collect and disseminate information, and even automate low-value tasks such as data-entry and approval requests. So not only can you speed the path to effectiveness without relying on IT to build reports and workflows, you can further fuel effectiveness by improving how work gets done.

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