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Manage emergency business loans

The Small Business Emergency Loan template set enables both state and local officials to easily and efficiently track and manage loan requests and understand at-a-glance where funds are being allocated.


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Intake and manage “essential business” requests

The Essential Business Request template set enables both state and local officials to streamline the intake of “essential business” requests and automatically route requests to the appropriate department to ensure prompt government responses.


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“Our association is all about making a complicated process easier; Smartsheet is the tool that fits with that mission.”

Abraham Xiong, President, Government Contractors Association

Rapidly assess, plan, and respond to emergencies

Create a centralized hub for incident response teams to assess, plan, and respond to emergencies with the Emergency Management Incident Command template set. Create a standardized approach to support in the command, control, and coordination of emergency responses.


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Your COVID-19 response resource center

Free templates, training, community, and content to support your crisis response.

Manage and report on public space closures

Enable field teams to report on public space closures while in the field, quickly assign staff to close and re-open public spaces, and create a centralized resource for management to view the status of public spaces in real time, so you can quickly make changes as needed with this template set.


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Track personal protective equipment (PPE) inventory

From initial request to order fulfillment, government and healthcare officials need a streamlined way to track PPE inventory. Get automatically notified when supplies are running low, and standardize request intake for equipment to manage distribution with this template set.


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Track expenditures by expense type and department

Track and manage incoming requests for business reimbursements — and automatically route for approvals — so that you can stay organized, even when faced with unexpected expenditures.


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