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Create your customized COVID-19 response portal.

Use these free templates to build your organization’s coronavirus preparedness portal, rich with CDC documentation and other resources, and related sheets and forms. This template set is available both to licensed users on a Business, Enterprise, or Premier plan, and for anyone in a free trial. Note: This template set should not be considered expert guidance.

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Built specifically for governments and agencies

We are committed to supporting the government response to COVID-19. That’s why we are making Smartsheet Gov, our FedRAMP authorized environment, available for any US government agency responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Government agencies can now use Smartsheet to plan, coordinate, track, and communicate their COVID-19 response, free of charge and without any obligation.

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Cover page for 451 Research report: Coronavirus quick fixes aren’t scalable

Coronavirus quick fixes aren’t scalable. What’s your long-term strategy?

Team communication and collaboration tools like chat and video conferencing alone aren't the answer to the key challenges businesses now face. Here's what business leaders should do instead, according to 451 Research's Chris Marsh, Research Director, Workforce Productivity and Collaboration.

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Free template sets to support the breadth of new use cases in response to COVID-19

Our free pre-built template sets enable you to deploy a solution quickly, without on-site training or help from IT.