How 3 healthcare companies better serve patients with Smartsheet

by Renee Coulombe

Keeping clinical trials and research on track and in compliance, managing employee training and certification processes, and providing seamless records handoffs between on-duty staff members are just a few of the challenges that healthcare workers face every day.  

Yet using dated, manual processes and disconnected software systems to manage this work can lead to wasted time, data entry errors, a slower process —  and ultimately lead to a bad patient experience.

Here’s how three healthcare industry leaders are tackling these complex issues to create better patient experiences using Smartsheet:

Karyopharm Therapeutics

With over 300 full-time and contract employees, Karyopharm Therapeutics needed a solution for streamlining information related to their clinical trial operations. With multiple spreadsheets being passed around as part of their day to day operations, they were constantly struggling with version control and lack of visibility across teams.  


Deployment of Smartsheet provided them with an easy-to-use, scalable platform that ensured collaborators were being shared the correct information. And with dashboards, they were able to create a central information hub that provided team members and executive leadership with a holistic view of operations.

With trials that span one to three years in length, gaining this real-time status into projects allowed the team at Karyopharm to gain a full picture of where they were, and they are now able to drive actionable results and submit new drug applications much faster than they would have previously with their standard processes.

Aspen Medical International

Aspen Medical International specializes in standalone commercial clinics in remote, challenging, under-resourced environments. They help to bring healthcare into environments that do not currently have the resources to address the medical needs of their communities. From 2016 to 2018 they reduced corporate staff by 59 percent while doubling their clinic footprint in Africa.

With the expansion of their field operations and a decrease in corporate resources, Aspen Medical International was having resource constraints and needed to evolve their business systems. With small, remote teams faced with complex problems, they needed a system that helped to ensure their business model and operating model were in alignment.

Smartsheet allowed them to decentralize the decision-making process, increase visibility, and provide a collaborative work environment that empowered their field employees to make real-time decisions. Building out their project management operations allowed them to formalize processes across the business, and bring stakeholders and collaborators into alignment. Improving access to information allowed for real-time visibility into their field operations and gave Aspen Medical International the clarity they needed to understand the health of their clinic operations.  

University of Utah Health

With around 1900 employees at University of Utah Health, the Revenue Cycle Support Services team needed a tool that allowed them to communicate and collaborate in a better way. The use of spreadsheets and email communication for onboarding and offboarding, training requests, and company surveys were causing key information to fall through the cracks.

Streamlining these processes in Smartsheet allowed the Revenue Cycle Support Services team to easily communicate important information across the organization, allowing for increased collaboration and status updates. Forms and the Smartsheet mobile app gave them an easy mechanism to move processes forward. And with automated alerts and actions, their employees can now be quickly notified of things that need to be completed.

Implementing Smartsheet allowed University of Utah Health to close the information gap with their employees and collaborate in real time increasing their team's accuracy and improving their onboarding and offboarding process efficiency by 30 percent.

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