The next step forward for Smartsheet Gov users

by Chris Peake

July 20, 2023

The next step forward for Smartsheet Gov users


Our goal is to empower government teams to deliver results faster, securely, and at scale with Smartsheet Gov. Last quarter, I promised to keep you informed on the investments and updates we’re making to Smartsheet Gov as we deliver on that goal. I’m excited to share more about some of the capabilities and features coming to Smartsheet Gov in the next few months. These enhancements include some of our most in-demand features requested by government customers and reflect our ongoing commitment to empowering government agencies with a secure and compliant modern work management platform. Users will be able to do more, faster with the Smartsheet Gov platform, while administrators will have even greater control and peace of mind. 

We worked closely with the Joint Authorization Board (JAB) to ensure these changes met their strict security and compliance standards as well as FedRAMP requirements, and will continue to partner with them to ensure forthcoming updates meet or exceed those standards and requirements. 


Users will be able to do more, faster with Smartsheet Gov platform, while administrators will have even greater control and peace of mind.

Enforce your governance policies with a reliable source of Smartsheet usage data

Security and compliance are critical to government agencies, which call for clear governance policies regarding how data is managed and what actions users take. Maintaining and enforcing event-based policies is a key part of that and requires a reliable data source. That is why we have prioritized Event Reporting as a foundational capability within Smartsheet Gov. With Event Reporting, government agencies can integrate Smartsheet events into existing CASB or SEIM platforms and see the granular details of who is doing what in Smartsheet Gov and when. Administrators can quickly identify and investigate abnormal behavior and affirm that their agency’s most valuable asset— its data —is being used within established guardrails. 

With Event Reporting, government agencies can track key event actions to gain visibility into how users are using Smartsheet Gov:

  • What content is being created and shared internally? 
  • What data is being shared externally?
  • Which groups are collaborating with each other?

Not only can this information help ensure compliance with security and governance policies, this kind of transparency can help spot bottlenecks and surface critical insights. Available December 2023. 

Quickly and easily collect and act on error-free, consistent data with conditional logic

Reduce time and increase quality of form input by showing or hiding form fields based on other responses in the form with conditional logic. Equipping Smartsheet Gov forms with conditional logic has been one of the most requested features since the platform launched — and with good reason! When respondents only have to navigate specific and relevant questions — and aren’t bogged down by fields that aren’t applicable to them — they’re more invested and engaged. This translates to:

  • More forms completed 
  • More accurate input 
  • More time saved
  • Respondents more likely to complete your forms next time they see one

Building a better experience for form respondents ultimately means a better experience, better results, and greater impact for Smartsheet Gov users. Available December 2023.

Flexibility and control 

We’re introducing new capabilities that will make workflows more accessible and easier to build with Data Shuttle, Smartsheet Gov’s tool for centralizing data from multiple systems. Users will have new ways to create and manage workflows from within sheets and more controls to make sheet modifications from within the Data Shuttle interface. We’re also introducing more flexibility to the workflow configuration process with the ability to create and rename sheet columns from within the workflow builder. Available August 2023.


These are just some of the first updates in a long line of advancements that we will be bringing to Smartsheet Gov as we move forward. I will be back to share more updates on our plans next quarter. 

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Thank you! 
Chris Peake, Chief Information Security Officer and Senior Vice President of Security