Smartsheet Product Highlights

by The Smartsheet Team

Spring 2023 update

The past quarter brought another round of exciting product enhancements to allow further efficiency and flexibility in how you use Smartsheet! Read on to learn about additional customization to dashboards, further flexibility in how you send alerts and requests, and a new view available in Resource Management.

Or, watch the short video above from our product evangelist, Cicero.

Dashboard design enhancements

Make your dashboards more attractive and informative with new design tools to add more color, improve image display, and use fonts that suit your design aesthetic.  

Choose from a full hexadecimal color palette to perfectly match your brand colors when setting up your dashboard and widget background. 

Precisely set how images display on your dashboard with “Fill,” “Fit,” and “Actual Size” settings, as well as the option to keep or remove an image's margin.

Explore an expanded set of fonts, including Helvetica, Monaco, Courier, and more.

Capacity View

If you have Resource Management by Smartsheet, you now have access to a new Capacity View experience! Use Capacity View to identify the teams that are operating over their capacity limit, spot which teams have the availability to take on more project work, and forecast hiring needs. 

When you change assignments or projects on the schedule in Resource Management, the cells in Capacity View automatically update so teams can always make staffing decisions based on up-to-date data. 

Capacity View is available for organizations with a Resource Management by Smartsheet license.

Streamlined proof approval requests 

This release simplifies the proof recipient process by allowing you to choose a contact column's contents as the recipients for a proof, rather than typing in names one by one. This will save you time and make the content review process easier to kickoff.

Respond to comments with mobile app push notifications

You can now respond to conversations directly from a mobile push notification. When someone @ mentions you in a comment, or there is a new comment in a thread you are subscribed to, you can respond by directly replying from the push notification without having to open your Smartsheet mobile app to reply.

Custom sender From Name (coming soon)

Improve response rates with additional options to set a familiar email sender. Workflow builders will soon have the ability to send alerts and requests from a custom sender From Name!

With this update, users will have the flexibility to specify the email sender From Name when setting up automated alerts, update requests, and approval requests. Today, you can send alerts from the triggering user and update and approval requests from the sheet owner. Soon, you’ll be able to send these emails from “Smartsheet Automation,” and if you’re on an Enterprise plan, you can set it to the name of your organization. 

In future releases, there will be enhancements for additional sender From Names including the option to set the From Name as a specific licensed user associated with your account (e.g., “John Smith”).

We’ll be back in a few months with more power-packed Smartsheet capabilities and enhancements. In the meantime, visit our new release news page and subscribe to receive emails to see all the additional features and updates we added in the past few months to help you maximize the work that matters — yours!