Smartsheet Product Highlights

by The Smartsheet Team

Winter 2023 update

We’ve added another batch of game-changing Smartsheet capabilities and updates in the past few months to help you level up the work you are already doing in Smartsheet as we roll into 2023. Read on to learn about resilient reports, an easier option for technical support, how to test your automated workflows, and making your dashboards more user-friendly.

Or, watch the short video above for a quick summary from our product evangelist, Cicero.

Run Workflow Now

With Run Workflow Now, you can manually trigger your workflow to bypass any trigger criteria but honor conditional blocks. Now, you can effortlessly test your workflows and trigger one-off workflow actions without waiting for the trigger criteria to be met, see how changes you've made to a workflow affect the automation action(s), or use it to run a workflow ahead of its scheduled run time.

New Support Portal

The Customer Support Portal is now available! Now you have a centralized location to open support cases, provide additional information, and track them until closed. It was built to provide you with a seamless, end-to-end, self-service support experience.

Clickable Title widgets

With Clickable Title widgets, you get to determine how you want your audience to interact with your dashboard. Turning Title widgets into clickable links allow dashboard visitors to click on a title and be sent to specific content in Smartsheet or another site. 

Column connection

Reports will stay connected even when sheet column names change, making your solutions more resilient and requiring less time to manage. Build a report confidently, knowing that sheet admins can then change their column names without breaking your report. An icon on your report column will alert you if columns have been connected, so you can drill in to see what’s changed. You can then rename the column or choose to disconnect them if you’d prefer to report them separately.


We’ll be back in a few months with more power-packed Smartsheet capabilities and enhancements. In the meantime, visit our new release news page and subscribe to receive emails to see all the additional features and updates we added in the past few months to help you maximize the work that matters — yours!