Smartsheet Product Highlights

by The Smartsheet Team

Fall 2022 update

We’ve added another batch of game-changing Smartsheet capabilities and updates in the past few months. Read on to learn about Portfolio WorkApps, the new proof annotation enhancements, and more.

Or, watch the short video above for a quick summary of these updates directly from our Senior Manager of Customer Programs and Evangelism, Cicero.

New formula handbook

Whether you’re summing child rows, calculating budget values, or doing cross-sheet data lookups, formulas are a must for building powerful solutions. The new formula handbook is here to help you find the right formula for your work.

Download the formula template today to access hundreds of formula examples that will help you do your best work. 

Proof annotation enhancements

If you’ve used proofing, you know it’s a game-changing way to manage content creation and approvals. You can add annotations directly on files and documents to make your feedback precise and clear. And now, you can annotate your feedback with color, new shapes, and emojis to make the approval process more expressive and fun! Comments made by reviewers are visible on the proof itself, right next to the pin they put down. 

Portfolio WorkApps

Portfolio WorkApps streamlines project and portfolio management by combining the scalability of Control Center with the simplicity of WorkApps.

With Portfolio WorkApps, you can create tailored experiences for every member of your team so they can easily find the work that matters most. For example, portfolio managers, executives, and project managers all go to a single WorkApp but they have different experiences depending on the access they've been granted and how they are involved in a project.

Portfolio WorkApps is available for new Control Center programs with Smartsheet Advance or a Smartsheet Enterprise plan with Control Center. 

Miro integration

The new Miro integration allows you to seamlessly turn brainstorming sessions in Miro into structured project plans in Smartsheet. Convert sticky notes in Miro to rows in Smartsheet and import rows from Smartsheet into Miro as cards. Data is synced between Smartsheet and Miro with changes reflected in real-time on both platforms.

You can now automatically share information between platforms, combining the flexibility of Miro’s infinite whiteboard with the automation and project management capabilities of the Smartsheet platform.  


With DataTable, you can store millions of rows of data in Smartsheet,  allowing you to import data from ERPs, CRMs, and other databases for visualization and collaboration in Smartsheet. 

DataTable allows you to automate the creation of large data sets by combining information from multiple sources, provide actionable insights on the health of your business by automating workflows and creating visual dashboards, and manage access to your data to ensure the security of your information. 

This enterprise-grade capability is available on Advance plans (Gold and Platinum levels).


We’ll be back soon with more power-packed Smartsheet capabilities and enhancements. In the meantime, visit our release notes page to see all the additional features and updates we added in the past few months to help you maximize the work that matters.