Smartsheet Product Highlights

by Lekshmi Unnithan

July 2022 update



We’ve released some game-changing Smartsheet capabilities and updates in the past few months. Read on to learn about offline forms in the Mobile App, the new Latest Comment column, and more.

Or, you can watch the short video above to hear about these updates directly from our Principal Technical Evangelist, Cicero.

Mobile offline forms

Do you want to enter form information without WiFi? Or submit a request from an airplane or a remote campsite with little-to-no internet connectivity? Have no fear! The Smartsheet mobile app now allows you to mark forms for offline use, so you can capture information regardless of how reliable your internet connection is. Anybody with the Smartsheet mobile app can use this feature (as long as they’re not on an Enterprise plan where a SysAdmin has opted them out of offline forms). 

Use offline forms today by downloading or updating the mobile app through the App Store for iOS or the Google Play store for Android.

Latest comment column

Sometimes, critical updates about work are in the most recent comments within Conversations. But it can be time-consuming to manually check for updates on different tasks by opening the Conversations panel for each row. Our solution? The new Latest Comment column displays the latest comment in each row directly in the grid, so stakeholders can quickly scan a sheet for critical updates. 

Sheet Admins can enable this feature through Column Properties. Users can leverage the data in this column with existing Smartsheet capabilities like filters, reports, conditional formatting, automated workflows, and more.

Dashboard undo/redo changes

Have you ever edited a Smartsheet dashboard and accidentally moved a widget you shouldn't have, messing up its original formatting?

Now you can quickly and easily undo or redo changes made to a dashboard by clicking on the undo and redo buttons. So, go ahead and freely edit your dashboards, knowing the undo and redo buttons are there whenever you need them!

Document generation automation

Document builder helps you manage, generate, sign, and track documents such as purchase orders, contracts, lease agreements, and more. But that's not all! Smartsheet users can also drastically accelerate their processes by automating the generation of documents and e-signature requests. 

How? We've released a new document generation workflow action that, when triggered, will generate a document using prebuilt mapping that pulls in row data from your sheet. DocuSign users can also automatically send the created documents for e-signature. 

SysAdmin certification

Are you ready to advance your career with a professional certification? Smartsheet University is excited to offer a new SysAdmin Certification. This industry-standard, proctored certification exam validates your ability to manage an organization's Smartsheet account settings, security policies, licenses, users, and data policies. Once you pass the exam, you will receive the SysAdmin Certified badge, which you can share with your network on LinkedIn.

What are you waiting for? Join the thousands of professionals that are Smartsheet Certified today!


We’ll be back soon with more power-packed Smartsheet capabilities and enhancements. In the meantime, visit our release notes page to see all the additional features and updates we added in 2022 to help you do your best work and drive meaningful change.