Interact With Dynamic View Directly in Dashboards

by Jim O'Farrell

At Smartsheet, we are always aiming to make it easier for you to turn your dashboards into interactive hubs that provide real-time visibility into KPIs and keep your teams informed on the status of the business. 

Today, we’re rolling out the ability to embed Smartsheet Dynamic View into dashboards, so teams can now interact with live, actionable, and personalized tasks that, depending on who is logged into the dashboard, present only tasks that are relevant to that person. This way, teams can focus on their workload in context and complete tasks even faster.  

What Is Dynamic View?

Smartsheet Dynamic View is a premium app that enables you to control the visibility internal and external teams have into your processes. By using Dynamic View, you can provide full, simplified transparency to restricting the current user’s view so they only see work assigned to them.

The unique capabilities of Dynamic View let you control what you share with whom at certain project or process stages, all while collaborating on the same set of data. It’s as simple as providing one view into the work you manage with different visibility per individual so that the process doesn’t get stalled along the way. 

Practical Ways to Use Dynamic View

Whether you’re an HR specialist managing performance reviews or a marketing professional processing creative services requests, Dynamic View provides the end user the ability to self-serve, focus on only tasks assigned to them, and collaborate on work at certain stages in the process. Here are three examples of how organizations can use Dynamic View to tightly control processes while moving their business forward. 

Manage Performance Reviews 

For example, LivePerson, a company that powers conversational commerce through its AI-based messaging platform, needed to standardize its HR performance review processes, fast. They used Dynamic View to enable managers to see all of the people who report to them and to see their employees' completed self-assessment.  

"Dynamic View acts like a coach that informs our people on how the process works and what they should do next!" - Leon Fishman, Business Operations, LivePerson

"We think of Smartsheet and Dynamic View as a platform," says Leon Fishman, who works in business operations at LivePerson. "We use it to build the mechanisms to help us execute on our processes — we are an ‘automation first’ company, and it allows us to achieve automation in our employees' performance review process. We use Dynamic View to guide people on what they need to do next in the process. Dynamic View acts like a coach that informs our people on how the process works and what they should do next!"

Process Vendor Invoices  

If you work as an accounts payable specialist tasked with processing invoices, you need to collaborate with various vendors and suppliers. However, you likely don’t want to share them to the entire sheet. Using Dynamic View, you can maintain data sensitivity and share only what is needed to the right vendor at the right time.  

Example of Smartsheet Dynamic View embedded in a vendor portal.

Manage Marketing Services Requests

Or maybe you’re in marketing services and your customers use a single portal for marketing, brand, and sales resources. In a central location, they can submit their request via Dynamic View, view their ticket ID, and revisit to get updates without sending emails or sifting through other requests just to locate theirs. 

Example of Smartsheet Dynamic View embedded in a marketing dashboard.

To get a snippet of how other customers are using Dynamic View, watch this webinar trailer.

Focused Workload to Drive Results

Whether your company uses Dynamic View in the above-mentioned examples or in other ways, we believe embedding it into your dashboards will help reduce your team’s workload and drive results by instantly giving them visibility into their tasks. With these work process improvements, your organization can take steps toward transforming how work gets done.  

To start using Dynamic View in your dashboards, talk to our team about Dynamic View pricing today!  

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