Smartsheet integration for Microsoft Teams: Work management meets communication

by Diana Yeh

Nothing ruins a good plan like the lack of team alignment. Whether it’s due to poor communication, incomplete planning, or inefficient work processes, it can lead to delays and a whole mess of other issues. 

The right tools to communicate and collaborate can benefit any team, from marketing departments who need a centralized place to discuss and track their campaigns, to sales teams who need to strategize and analyze their pipeline of opportunities. These tools are important at every stage of the planning lifecycle--from ideation and brainstorming to task execution and tracking. 

Collaborate in the context of your work

Communication platforms like Microsoft Teams have the ability for you to quickly chat with your team members about your work; collaborative work management platforms have features that allow you to work on your projects or tasks. With the Smartsheet integration for Microsoft Teams, we’re bridging the gap between these two key functions of work to allow your team to communicate in the context of your work.

If you’re a customer with a Smartsheet plan and Microsoft Teams, you can begin to leverage the integration today. Enhance your Smartsheet solution by using the two platforms together to:

  • Collaborate effectively: Microsoft Teams was built for communication. With the introduction of Smartsheet, you can now ideate, collect feedback, and stay on the same page about projects or tasks.
  • Align your team from beginning to end: Give your team the tools to stay aligned from the moment you begin your process. With your work and data accessible to your entire team you can ensure accountability and communication. Each new edit, task, and team communication is updated in real time, so you’ll never have to worry about information getting lost.
  • Work remotely: Microsoft Teams gives you all of the benefits of communicating and interacting without any of the hassle. With both Smartsheet and Microsoft Teams being online platforms,  you will always have real-time updates. No matter where you’re located, you’ll be able to share and track important project progress across your entire team.
View of Smartsheet app within Microsoft Teams

Key features and functionality

Here are some of the features and functionality you and your team can take advantage of as you tackle your next project:

  1. Send Notifications to a Teams Channel - Set Smartsheet notifications to be automatically sent to a Teams channel, so you can see changes in Smartsheet and take action on tasks right away.
  2. Receive reminders, requests, and @mentions as direct messages - Receive Smartsheet notifications and reminders as direct messages, review and submit Smartsheet update requests, and review and approve Smartsheet approval requests from Teams.
  3. Add Smartsheet "Tabs" within a Teams Channel - Add Smartsheet sheets, dashboards, and reports as ‘Tabs’ within a Team channel, to bring conversations together with a current view of projects - while providing a central location where teams can work more effectively.
  4. Search for and send Smartsheet content directly into messages - Search for Smartsheet items without leaving Teams. Add Smartsheet items to your message in Teams, so you can have meaningful conversations without switching context.

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