Smartsheet Hack-for-Good: Helping nonprofits achieve more

by Stephen Danos

When asked about the Smartsheet Hack-for-Good program, one contributor beamed, “I would say it was eye-opening, and dare I say mind-blowing.” We’re thankful for such encouraging feedback, as Smartsheet is truly built on a foundation of helping others achieve more and make the impossible, possible. 

A woman writes on a whiteboard

This year, our annual customer conference, ENGAGE, kicked off with Hack-for-Good — a new program that unites Smartsheet customers to solve business challenges. Our goal was to elevate our certified users to support nonprofits that make a positive impact on the communities they serve. 

While the four nonprofits focus on different areas, they all had the same goal — to make their processes and workflows more effective so that they can focus more on their purpose — helping millions of people. Nonprofits typically work with limited time, resources, finances, and staff, so making processes and workflows more effective is extra important. 

Four people work at a round table during Hack-for-Good

Can-doers collaborate to solve challenges

This year, we partnered with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), Court Appointed Special Advocates/Guardians ad Litem (CASA/GAL), and the Special Olympics. In addition to getting access to the Hack-for-Good event, employees from the nonprofits were also given free admission to ENGAGE.

At the event, these nonprofits were assisted by Smartsheet employees and 14 customers — including employees from Dell, Cisco, and Medtronic — who are Smartsheet Certified. Most of them are also Solution Certified, meaning that they successfully passed a timed exam where they built and deployed solutions within the Smartsheet platform.   

Together, these industrious folks rolled up their sleeves to define the nonprofit’s challenge that needed solving, mapped out their potential solutions on whiteboards, built their solutions in a shared workspace in the Smartsheet platform, and then presented them to the entire group.

A group of Smartsheet customers work together at Hack-for-Good

A positive force for change

“Our end game is reaching as many students as we possibly can,” said one project coordinator for professional learning and leadership at AVID. “And so the more that we can streamline our processes using programs like Smartsheet, the faster we can get out to every single student in the nation.”

One certified customer summed up their experience at Hack-for-Good:

“There was no friction, nothing. It was all about getting to the end goal. The difference today is that we are doing good for the world. We are helping others, and it’s good to give back, always.”

Check out our recap video for Hack-for-Good, and hear about the experience firsthand from some Smartsheet customers who truly embody a can-do spirit: