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By Joe Weller | January 21, 2021 (updated October 20, 2022)

We’ve compiled the most useful free go-to-market (GTM) strategy and plan templates, including those designed for marketers, sales, B2B, SaaS, and startups. Download templates to improve processes and run successful GTM marketing campaigns. 

Included on this page, you'll find many helpful GTM strategy and plan marketing templates, including a simple go-to-market marketing plan template, a go-to-market strategy template, a go-to-market slide template, and a go-to-market plan for startups template.

Go-To-Market Marketing Plan Template

Go To Market Marketing Plan Template

Use this pre-built go-to-market (GTM) marketing plan template to provide a detailed summary of your marketing campaign’s plan. Enter details of your GTM marketing campaign’s purpose, objective, target audience, budget, resources, various marketing channels, goals, key takeaways, and more. 

With all of this information readily available, you can outline the overall aims of your GTM marketing plan to ensure you have a clear and comprehensive plan of action when launching your effort. 


Download Go-To-Market Marketing Plan Template 

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Go-To-Market Strategy Template

Go To Market Strategy Template

Use this free GTM strategy template to clearly identify a comprehensive and effective plan for your marketing campaign. Simply enter campaign-related details, including your national and local marketing info, public relations strategy, content marketing plan, social media plan, online effort, advertising strategy, web-specific (e.g., SEO) strategy, target audience, and overall project goals. This GTM strategy template provides week-by-week and month-by-month columns for easy campaign planning. 

Download Go-To-Market Strategy Template

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Go-To-Market Return on Investment Template

Go To Market ROI Template

Use this GTM return on investment (ROI) template to keep tabs on your marketing plan’s budget and make projections regarding your marketing campaign’s initial ROI. For each GTM category, enter the following: the name of the expense your campaign incurred; the month in which you incurred it; the number of units and the cost associated with the expense; the corresponding projected revenue; and the profit and hurdle rate details. Then, built-in formulas will automatically calculate totals, including budgeted and actual expenses, expense variances, ROI, and the maximum amount you can allot for spending while still reaching your ROI goal.

Download Go-To-Market ROI Template 

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Strategic Go-To-Market Communications Plan Template

Strategic Go To Market Communications Plan Template

Find the perfect communications strategy for your product or service with this strategic GTM communications plan template, which guides you through each step of the GTM process, including planning phases, creative content details, asset expansion, promotional and launch specifics, as well as campaign-performance management. This ready-made template allows you to include comprehensive, step-by-step details of your marketing campaign, so you can provide team members and management with comprehensive, real-time visibility into your go-to-market progress.

Download Strategic Go-To-Market Communications Plan Template

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Go-To-Market Sales Plan Template

Go To Market Sales Plan Template

Designed specifically to facilitate planning around your GTM sales goals and promotional activities, this sales plan template uses a pre-built, comprehensive, sales-related marketing plan to provide you with guidance for your GTM marketing efforts. 

This unique template includes an annual calendar for planning your month-by-month marketing campaign, as well as space to list campaign type, salesperson, sale closed date, campaign start and end dates, project goals, target goals, response, and notes. With auto-tallying figures, this tool allows you to easily track sales goals and sales actuals and, from there, to follow and evaluate the overall effectiveness of your GTM campaign’s sales. 

Download Go-To-Market Sales Plan Template 

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Go-To-Market Slide Template

Go To Market Slide Template

Use this go-to-market slide template to manage your entire GTM campaign’s strategy and highlight each stage of your marketing plan and rollout. Present your marketing plan visually and capture your audience’s attention with this tool’s graphic-rich presentation capabilities. Simply enter the summary and details of your marketing plan, and share this info with your clients and team members alike. 

Download Go-To-Market Slide Template

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B2B Go-To-Market Strategy Template

B2B Go To Market Strategy Template

Optimize your business-to-business (B2B) marketing plan with this proactive, pre-built B2B GTM strategy template. This template guides you through each phase of your B2B marketing campaign’s process, including planning, creative content, asset development, promotional planning, testing, launch, and performance measurement. 

For each B2B marketing activity, enter the priority (High, Medium, Low), description, owner, start and end dates, and status (Not Started, In Progress, Complete, Overdue, On Hold) to ensure your marketing campaign is on track for success. 

Download B2B Go-To-Market Strategy Template

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Go-To-Market Checklist Template

Go to Market Checklist Template

With a clear visual overview of every aspect of your marketing plan, this comprehensive, customizable GTM checklist template gives you everything you need to achieve GTM success. 

Assign action items to team members and enter due dates, budget details, and more to ensure you account for each component of your GTM marketing strategy — doing so will help you reach milestones and deliver results on time. 

Download Go-To-Market Checklist Template

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Go-To-Market Strategy Template for SaaS

Go To Market Strategy Template for Saas

This GTM strategy template for software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies clearly identifies your SaaS marketing plan’s objectives and allows you to manage each phase of your campaign’s process. 

This tool provides you with a framework to develop and execute on each stage of your campaign, from planning to execution. Use this template to outline each component of your SaaS marketing campaign’s process, including development of marketing plan goals, creative concept details, calendar-specific milestones, messaging, promotional plans, testing, launch details, and more. 


Download Go-To-Market Strategy Template for SaaS 

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Go-To-Market Plan for Startups Template

Go To Market Plan for Startup Template

Use this pre-built GTM plan for startups template to clearly identify your startup marketing campaign’s objectives. With its streamlined format, this tool allows you to plan your strategy, implement your tactics, and track your milestones.

Easily identify your startup-specific GTM campaign’s objectives, target market, and total costs with this easy-to-fill template. Then, use the template’s proactive, completely customizable framework to develop clear short and long-term marketing campaign goals and create a solid action plan for your startup.


Download Go-To-Market Plan for Startups Template

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Go-To-Market Strategy Example

Reference the simple GTM sample marketing plan below to create your own example marketing plan for a hypothetical company. While this example doesn’t provide actual design elements or graphs, it breaks down a fictional marketing plan into its key components, so you can use it as a template to create your own GTM marketing strategy. 

(Source: Houghton Mifflin Company)

Download Go-To-Market Strategy Example

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