All businesses can benefit from using objectives and key results (OKRs), from large companies to small startups. Below, you’ll find the most useful free, downloadable templates to help you plan OKRs and reach long-term goals. Choose from templates in Excel, Word, PDF, and Google Sheets formats.

Included on this page, you'll find a downloadable OKR document template, an OKR tracking spreadsheet and an OKR goal-setting worksheet.

OKR Document Template

OKR Document Template

Download OKR Document Template

Word  |  PDF  

This simple OKR template is easy to use and share with small teams. It includes room for the essentials: time frame, objectives, key results, and scoring. Use this template when planning or reviewing OKRs to get a basic snapshot of goals and priorities. Download the worksheet as a Word document or Google Sheets template and customize it to suit your needs.

OKR Tracking Template

OKR Tracking Template

Download OKR Tracking Template - Excel

Whether you’re tracking performance or growth goals, follow OKRs closely and monitor progress with this Excel spreadsheet template. For each quarter, list objectives along with three to five key results that you want to track. The template includes columns for tracking progress throughout the quarter as well as a final score. Assign owners to help define roles and communicate with team members.

OKR Goal-Setting Template

OKR Goal Setting Template

Download OKR Goal-Setting Template

Word  |  PDF  | Smartsheet

When first transitioning to using OKRs, you can use this template to help break down the planning process by organizing the big picture (i.e., company aspirations and long-term goals), defining objectives and key results, and considering what factors might support or block efforts to achieve OKRs. 

This goal-setting process can help ensure that you’re prioritizing your OKRs appropriately and aligning them with your company vision. It can also help you to identify potential obstacles ahead of time and create more effective projects that serve your larger goals. Whether you want a first impression of what OKRs might look like at your organization or you are drilling down into specific details, this template is a flexible planning tool, available in Word or PDF formats.

OKR Reporting Template

OKR Report Template

Download OKR Reporting Template -  Excel  

One of the benefits of using OKRs is that doing so encourages a disciplined approach to setting and meeting goals. Individual, team, and company objectives are linked to specific, measurable results to help ensure that progress is aligned at all levels. 

This template provides a visual overview of that progress, with a dashboard showing the current status of objectives and the key results for a given time frame. This view makes it easy to get a high-level look at progress, while also identifying specific areas that need attention. Download this dashboard template in Google Sheets, and share it with team members or other stakeholders.

OKR Review Template

OKR Review Template

Download OKR Review Template -  Excel  

Compiling detailed information about key results makes it easy to review and update them regularly. This template allows you to analyze OKRs based on target outcomes, actual progress, and scores. It also shows which owners you’ve assigned to key results, providing valuable information when it comes time for employee performance reviews.

OKR Presentation Template

OKR Presentation Template

Download OKR Presentation Template

Word  |  PDF

Use this OKR template as part of a presentation. It includes a visual component, which illustrates the flow of OKRs within an organization and the ways in which objectives support the broader mission and vision. Add your own data points to show top priorities, upcoming projects, a quarterly timeline, or other information. When you provide clear communication concerning OKRs, you help maintain company-wide transparency about goals, which can, in turn, improve performance at all levels.

The Essential Guide to OKRs

Now, you’ve collected the tools for planning, tracking, and reporting OKRs, but what should your actual objectives and key results look like? Read our comprehensive guide on OKRs to find out how to create effective OKRs that are challenging (but still realistic) enough to push your company forward. You can also learn about best practices for OKRs and get specific examples of good and bad OKRs.

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