Referral forms are used in a variety or fields, from health care settings to business and education. Whether you’re developing a customer referral program or need a medical referral form, you’ll find a range of downloadable templates below. Choose from employee, contractor, customer, and health care referral templates in Microsoft Excel and Word and PDF formats.

Business Referral Form Templates

Businesses use referrals to build customer and vendor relationships, and to recruit new employees. Download any of the templates below for free and customize them to fit your needs.

Employee Referral Form


Employee Referral Form

Use this template to support your employee referral program so your staff can refer potential candidates. This recruitment referral form provides space for entering instructions along with basic identification and contact information. Include whatever additional details are necessary for your human resources department.

Download Employee Referral Form

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Vendor Referral Form


Vendor Referral Form

This basic referral form is ideal for making vendor recommendations. Vendors and suppliers can provide this template to customers to encourage them to make referrals to other businesses who may benefit from their goods or services. The template lists the name and contact information of the business providing the referral, as well as detailed vendor info.

Download Vendor Referral Form

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Contractor Referral Form


Contractor Referral Form

Construction contractors often get jobs through word of mouth and rely on recommendations from former clients. This contractor referral form makes it easy for customers to recommend a contractor for an initial consultation or other services. Contractors can customize the template to include whatever incentive would be most relevant and appealing to encourage customers to provide referrals.

Download Contractor Referral Form

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Customer Referral Form Template


Customer Referral Form

This customer referral template provides current customers with a simple form for referring individuals or businesses as potential customers. The template is applicable to a wide range of industries and work settings, from real estate to retail to manufacturing. Use the form as an outline to create your own referral sheet template, and add the details that make sense for your type of business or the service you provide.

Download Customer Referral Form Template

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Referral Program Email Invitation


Referral Program Email Invitation

This template provides an example of an email message that you can use to invite customers to participate in a referral program. Edit the invitation to reflect the benefits you offer customers and the steps they need to take to participate. If you’re providing a service to clients, such as web design, consulting, or real estate services, the invitation can double as a client referral template that you tailor for specific clients. See the section below for more information on developing a customer referral program.

Download Referral Program Email Invitation — Word


Referral Program Checklist Template


Referral Program Checklist Template

This referral list template can help you organize the process of creating a referral program. Customize the list to include all necessary steps to implement a strategic referral program, and then check off each one as it is completed. This exercise can provide structure for your planning process, help reduce stress, and ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Download Referral Program Checklist Template

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Medical and Health Referral Forms

Social service agencies, schools, and hospitals may all use referrals to connect clients, students, and patients with specific services or new providers. The three templates below can be customized to fit your individual needs and are free to download.

Medical Referral Form Template


Medical Referral Form

Doctors and other healthcare providers can use this medical referral form to refer patients for other health care services. The template includes sections for information about the medical professional who is making the referral, insurance specifics, and the reason for the referral. Other details may include diagnostic codes, level of urgency, and medical history. Adjust the template based on the guidelines of your hospital, clinic, or other healthcare setting.

Download Medical Referral Form Template

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Social Service Referral Form


Social Service Referral Form

Designed with social service agencies in mind, this referral form template includes sections for client information, services provided and requested, and contact information for both the referring and receiving agencies. Modify the form to include any required details, from housing information to mental health, or any other healthcare services that a client may be receiving.

Download Social Service Referral Form

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Mental Health Referral Form


Mental Health Referral Template

This referral form can be used by mental health providers, doctors, or schools to refer clients for counseling, assessment, or other services. The template provides a simple layout with room for diagnostic codes, background information, treatment history, and current medications. You can also list client demographics along with the referral source and reason for the referral.

Download Mental Health Referral Form

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Developing a Customer Referral Program

Building and maintaining customer relationships is vital for businesses to thrive. One of the most effective ways to attract new customers is to get referrals from loyal customers who continue to purchase your products or utilize your services. When a customer recommends a business to friends and family, there is a built-in sense of trust due to the personal relationship — something that is hard to achieve through advertising alone. But how can you encourage your customer base to make these referrals?

One way to identify potential customer advocates is by using a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, which measures customer loyalty by gauging how likely a respondent will be to recommend a company, product, or service. Customers who are highly likely to provide recommendations are the best candidates for promoting your business. Once identified, you can reach out to these potential advocates and ask them directly about providing referrals. For a small business or freelancer, this might involve simply contacting clients after completing a job to remind them of the value you provided and let them know that you are always interested in new clients they might send your way. For larger companies, a customer referral program may include an invitation to participate, incentives for providing referrals, and a referral template that customers can send to their personal or professional networks, simplifying the process for them.

Here are the basic elements of a referral program and steps to take when implementing one:

  • Develop a Referral Program Headline: A catchy headline can help grab readers’ attention and make them want to learn more. The headline should provide a simple and enticing message for the customer advocates you are targeting. This headline can be used on your website, in an email invitation, or as part of social media messaging. Keep the headline brief, personable, and focused on incentives. For example, “Help us help you. Free [item, discount, or other incentive] for every referral made.” Tailor your messaging to fit your company branding and customer demographic.
  • Write an Invitation Template: Create an email template (or download the one above) that invites customers to participate in your referral program. Use the headline (described above) as the subject line for this email message. Again, emphasize how the customer will benefit from promoting your business. Get to the point quickly and provide a clear call to action to make it easy for customers to join. While you want to be concise, the message should also be personable and similar to an exclusive invitation for insiders. Depending on your needs, your email invitation can be geared toward a mass audience or specific individuals. Alternatives to email include printing the info on receipts or distributing invitations via social media.
  • Provide Customers with a Referral Template: Once customers have agreed to provide referrals, you can offer them a template to pass on to their friends. This is similar to the initial invitation described above in that it explains the benefit to the potential customer and provides a call to action. Keep in mind that the template should not sound like a sales pitch. Rather, the message should feel more like a personal message while providing info about what your company has to offer. This approach can involve an email template or social media post designed for customers to share.
  • Get Your Website Ready: Both customers and their referred friends will likely be directed to your website for further information. Create landing pages geared toward both audiences, one related to joining the referral program and the other for new customers. Make it easy for customers to sign up, be clear about the incentives offered, and use descriptive language and images to draw in viewers.

Soliciting referrals can help grow your business, but it may take time to see the benefits of starting a referral program. Be patient, and think of it as a long-term strategy. Also, be sure to track which customers turn down an offer so that they can be removed from your list — you want to improve and increase customer relations, not make them worse. Finally, providing referrals can be a reciprocal action. In other words, offer to provide referrals for businesses connected to your own network of contacts, whether personal or professional, to encourage them to do the same for you.

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