Free Yearly Gantt Charts: 1-Year, 3-Year, and 5-Year

By Diana Ramos | September 27, 2020

Develop annual business plans and create effective project schedules with the most useful free yearly Gantt chart templates. Choose from one- or multiyear Gantt charts in Excel, Google Sheets, PowerPoint, and Word.

Below, you’ll find a project schedule Gantt chart, a yearly planner, a three-year Excel Gantt chart, and a guide to creating your own Gantt chart template.

1-Year Gantt Chart Templates

1-Year Project Schedule Gantt Chart Template

! Year Project Schedule Gantt Chart Template

This template offers a year-long project schedule, including separate sections for each project phase. Divided into quarters, months, and weeks, the Gantt chart enables you to see an annual overview of your project and a timeline for each task. The template also includes markers for the current date and the final deadline. Edit the chart to reflect the dates and specific tasks you require for your project. 

Download 1-Year Project Schedule Gantt Chart Template

Excel | Google Sheets | Smartsheet

Yearly Calendar Gantt Chart Template

Yearly Calendar Gantt Chart Template

Choose from PowerPoint or Excel versions of this Gantt chart yearly planner. Create a calendar showing holidays, meetings, and other events for any given year, or schedule tasks and objectives for each month. The template displays each day of the month, providing a simple yet detailed view of your plans over the course of a year. Use varying colors and add your own text to distinguish between the activities that the bar chart illustrates.

Download Yearly Calendar Gantt Chart Template

Excel | PPT

1-Year PowerPoint Gantt Chart Template

Quarterly Gantt Chart Template PowerPoint

Set business goals or plan project tasks with this year-long Gantt chart template. The chart includes quarterly and monthly sections, enabling you to view the year from a number of perspectives. The template also includes a row for tracking quarterly results. Utilize this PowerPoint chart as a presentation tool to communicate with team members and stakeholders. Keep track of ongoing progress, whether you’re managing sales goals or planning product releases. 

Download 1-Year Gantt Chart Template - PowerPoint

Simple 1-Year Word Gantt Chart Template

Simple 1 Year Gantt Chart Template

Make a one-year action plan by listing the tasks you need to complete each goal; in the process, you also create a visual timeline. The Gantt chart provides columns for each quarter and for all 12 months. Using the additional columns on the template, you can assign task owners and track completion. This is a simple Gantt chart template for managing objectives, multiple projects, or single projects (with several stages) throughout the year. 

Download Simple 1-Year Gantt Chart Template - Word

Multiyear Gantt Chart Templates

3-Year Excel Gantt Chart Template

3 Year Excel Gantt Chart Template

This Excel Gantt chart includes a three-year timeline and sections for multiple projects or development phases. The template separates each year into quarters and months, and it lists starting and ending dates for each activity. Create long-term project schedules and keep track of task progression and milestones. To view an alternate time frame, modify the template to create a two-year Gantt chart.

Download 3-Year Gantt Chart Template - Excel

3-Year PowerPoint Gantt Chart Template

3 Year Plan Gantt Chart Template PowerPoint

Choose from the two layout options available for this template: a horizontal, three-year timeline along the top of the Gantt chart; or a vertical, three-year timeline down the left-hand side of the chart. Create a three-year plan, track ongoing initiatives, or prioritize tasks on an extended project. Add this template to your own slideshow to enhance a presentation.

Download 3-Year Gantt Chart Template - PowerPoint

3-Year Google Sheets Gantt Chart Timeline

3 Year Gantt Chart Timeline Template

Track project phases and quarterly milestones over a three-year period. This Google Sheets template provides a spreadsheet for compiling data, a timeline for marking milestones, and a Gantt chart for plotting project phases. Edit the template to show the years, dates, activity descriptions, and other information regarding your project.

Download 3-Year Gantt Chart Timeline

WordGoogle Sheets

5-Year Gantt Chart Template

5 Year Gantt Chart Template

Divided by years, this Gantt chart template includes two layout options. One chart displays years across the top and tasks down the left-hand side. The other chart displays years down the left and months across the top. Create plans over a five-year period while also tracking tasks, monthly deadlines, and important milestones.

Download 5-Year Gantt Chart Template - Excel

How to Create a Gantt Chart in Excel

Find out how to make your own Gantt chart by reading the guide to creating a simple Gantt chart in any version of Excel. To save time and to get tips on customizing a template to best suit your needs, see the post on utilizing Gantt chart templates.

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