Smartsheet Helps Colliers Win and Grow Business

When Colliers International | Wisconsin needed a work execution platform that could help them scale their processes to meet the needs of an important customer, from property accounting to management, they turned to Smartsheet.


  • Construction/ Engineering

Organization Size

  • Enterprise (10,000+ employees)


  • North America

Use Cases

  • Contract Renewal Process
  • Manage Contract and Process Renewals

Real-Time Client Communication Fuels Real Estate Leader's Growth

Watch how Colliers uses Smartsheet to share real-time information, manage multimillion dollar projects, and win business.

[Smartsheet helps us] run more efficiently, continue to keep our clients’ confidence in our information, and really has helped us win business and retain business.

Kristin Komassa, Vice President, Process Improvement

The Wisconsin branch of commercial real estate company Colliers International faced a challenge: a very large financial institution client had taken back roughly 600 properties. “We started, obviously, taking their Excel sheet and putting it into our own,” said Kristin Komassa, team coordinator. “Quickly, we realized that … was not going to work.” 

After looking at different project management software, Komassa found Smartsheet and “it has just exploded in use for our company.”

Property accountant Chris Campbell points to his main sheet, showing all properties tied by loan number. “We have to track the engagement date, tax dates, we track insurance dates, and we add attachments, discussions,” Campbell said. “This sheet tracks all of it and everything here is something we couldn’t do without Smartsheet.” 

Other results are equally impressive: “It’s saved countless hours trying to research dates, old emails, different attachments,” Campbell said, referring to Smartsheet. “Our conference calls started out at almost an hour and a half to an hour, and they are now down to a half hour.”

For property manager Emily Bulgrin, the Smartsheet documentation and time stamp have proved invaluable. “If a tenant calls me and states they have an issue with their HVAC system, what I then do is go into Smartsheet,” she explained. After finding the property and entering the HVAC service issue, it gets sent to the facilities group manager and is placed in her queue for assignment to a technician to service the request. “(Smartsheet) really tells the story,” she added.

“The documentation and the timestamp . . . it’s saved my butt as a property manager, saying I did what I should, or I’ve submitted it within the hour of the request. So, having that filing system of it automatically being saved to submitted work orders has just been awesome.”

Komassa credits Smartsheet for helping Colliers International Wisconsin “run more efficiently, continue to keep our clients’ confidence in our information, and really has helped us win business and retain business.”