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Coordinate Property Management

Colliers-Wisconsin needed a simpler way to work- Smartsheet gave them with a better way to store, find, and prioritize information.

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600 properties. 15 property managers. One tool.

After spending five months migrating Excel files to a new system, Colliers-Wisconsin needed a simpler way of working. They now use Smartsheet. Meetings are shorter and clients are happier. Best of all: business keeps growing.

Setting up was simple and intuitive for Colliers-Wisconsin. Keeping all the details in Smartsheet created visibility from any device, anywhere. Automatic workflows shrunk meetings from 90 minutes down to 30.

“Smartsheet has eliminated the painstaking process of managing details in Excel. Our operational efficiencies and increased customer confidence have ultimately won us more business!”

Kristin Komassa Associate Vice President

Business Goals

Store Information in the Cloud

Property Managers used different systems to store photos, work order requests and capture communication. So, historical details were buried in random Excel sheets, email, or worse – memory.

Find Important Details When It's Urgent

Taxes, loans and insurance for 600 unique properties were a lot of moving parts to track. When details were difficult to uncover, people panicked and emails were flying.

Prioritize Maintenance Issues

Emailing an on-site crew to get maintenance issues fixed was causing a lot of confusion. Colliers-Wisconsin needed a way to prioritize work orders and monitor progress in realtime.

Project Mapping and Strategic Planning

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  • Attach property photos and contracts from Dropbox
  • Share all property data or a single row
  • Responses from maintenance go right to sheets

Mobile Project Management

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  • Create customized alerts for new maintenance requests
  • Log maintenance requests with web forms
  • Access from mobile, tables and desktop

Knowledge Management

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  • Send personalized update notifications
  • Pre-schedule email reminders to maintenance crews
  • Sync site visit tasks onto Google calendar

“Smartsheet has been integral in not only growing our company and growing our business, but showing integrity to our clients, enabling them to see everything that is going on with our team, in real time, so they're always up-to-date."

Kristin Komassa Associate Vice President, Corporate Solutions

Smartsheet for Project Management

Whether orchestrating simple tasks or complex portfolio management, PMO leaders rely on Smartsheet to align the right people, resources, and schedules to get work done.

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