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By Kate Eby | April 10, 2017

Blank timelines are useful for teachers doing school projects with students, professionals who need to create business reports or plan projects, and individuals who simply want to keep track of important events. Whether you’re teaching a history lesson or outlining a marketing plan, a timeline template can save you time by providing a preformatted document that is easy to read and use. All of the blank timeline worksheets listed below are printable, easy to edit, and free to download. You’ll find templates for Excel, Word, PDF, and PowerPoint - simply choose the template that matches your needs, download the file, and print or save for future use. 

Blank Timeline Templates for Excel

Strategic Planning Timeline - Excel


Strategic Planning Timeline Template

Download Strategic Planning Timeline  Excel

This timeline template is designed to assist your strategic planning process by highlighting goals and tasks over a specific time period. You can use the template to foster discussions around key points or to create a summary timeline of a strategic plan. Easily edit the task section to meet the needs of your business or organization.

Project Timeline Template - Excel


Project Timeline Template

Download Project Timeline Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Simplify project tracking with a timeline that displays tasks and milestones for each phase of a project, which are color-coded for readability. This template allows you to create a weekly, monthly, and annual timeline in order to quickly identify dependencies and get an overview of the entire project. You can also use this template as a tool for project planning, scheduling, and tracking.

Event Marketing Timeline - Excel


‌Download Event Marketing Timeline

Excel | Smartsheet

Create a comprehensive marketing timeline for any event, and track campaign types and plan a schedule for each phase through completion. You can use this template for planning and monitoring the success of all your marketing efforts, from social media to PR and advertising. Customize the template to suit the scale and type of event.

Gantt Chart Template - Excel


Project Plan and Gantt Chart Template

‌Download Gantt Chart Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Use this simple Gantt chart template for a variety of tasks such as project management, business planning, or even a personal to-do list. The horizontal bar chart provides a snapshot of scheduled tasks and deadlines. Create a visual schedule for personal or business use and track your progress. This template also serves as a useful communication tool when planning group projects or working with a team.

Annual Timeline Template - Excel


Download Annual Timeline Template - Excel

A 12-month timeline can be helpful for tracking presentations, meetings, and reports where you need to provide a summary review of past performance or future business goals. Use this template for any instance requiring an annual timeline of events. The simple layout makes it easy to read, and the Excel format allows you to include the template as part of a more comprehensive data report.

History Timeline Template - Excel


Download History Timeline Template - Excel

To create a history timeline, simply adjust the dates in this template to reflect your time period, and then add each event to its appropriate place on the number line. Students can use this template for projects on historical events, while businesses can create company timelines to showcase their origins and growth over time. This Excel template has a graphical format for readability and visual appeal.

Marketing Timeline Template


Marketing Timeline Template

Download Marketing Timeline Template


Use this marketing time template to provide a high-level view of each aspect of your strategic marketing plan. This template has room to include the phase title, schedule, budget, resources needed, risks, and more. There is also a separate tab to enter timeline data, with a visual timeline that displays with built-in formulas to help keep your plan on track.

Blank Timeline Templates for PDF

Vertical Blank Timeline Template - PDF


Download Vertical Blank Timeline Template - PDF

This blank timeline worksheet has a vertical layout and basic formatting, so you can use it to create any kind of timeline you need. There is space to add events and dates, and additional space to write notes.

Horizontal Blank Timeline - PDF


Download Horizontal Blank Timeline - PDF

If you need a horizontal blank timeline, this template is a basic option. Add needed information to create a timeline for school, work, or personal projects. This template is an ideal option for teachers who need a blank timeline template that is kid-friendly and easy to print.

Number Line Timeline Template - PDF


Download Number Line Timeline Template - PDF

This template features a single number line and plenty of blank space for adding events, dates, and any relevant details. List events in chronological order from left to right, and create a historical, business, or personal timeline. With only a number line included, this template offers a blank slate for your timeline plan.

Blank Timeline Templates for Word

Business Planning Timeline - Word


Download Business Planning Timeline - Word

Create a timeline for your business plan with this Word template. You can include this timeline template as part of your detailed business plan, summarizing the key objectives and action steps. Whether you’re just starting a business or planning for future growth, you can edit the dates on the timeline to show months, quarters, or years as needed.

Personal Timeline Template - Word


Download Personal Timeline Template - Word

Use this personal timeline to highlight career events, show family histories, list educational accomplishments, or plan weddings. Adjust the timeline dates to suit your project, and then add the significant moments you are documenting or the tasks you are planning. This is a straightforward way to create a timeline that is both attractive and useful.

Chronology Timeline Template - Word


Download Chronology Timeline Template - Word

This template is designed to help you create a chronological timeline. You can do so either by listing each event in order on the template, or by cutting out the boxes and adding them to a larger timeline - the latter is a useful option for young students who need to make a hands-on, creative project. Teachers can print the template and let students design their timelines with illustrations or by adding other materials.

Blank Timeline Templates for PowerPoint

Marketing Timeline Template - PPT


‌Download Marketing Timeline Template

PowerPoint | Smartsheet

Create a timeline template that shows each stage of your marketing plan. This PowerPoint template uses colors, shapes, and a bold design for a readable slide that stands out. Use this template in presentations or for other communications with clients, team members, and other stakeholders. You can also use it in your own planning process to help streamline your marketing plan.

Colorful 3D Graphic Timeline - PPT


Download Colorful 3D Graphic Timeline - PPT

This colorful timeline template is one option for presentations. It provides a PowerPoint slide that’s attention-grabbing and easy to read, and you can edit the dates and add text to create a timeline for a project or business plan. The template is ready to use, but you can also customize it by adding a logo or adjusting the color scheme.

Event Planning Timeline Template - PPT


Download Event Planning Timeline Template - PPT

Use this template for event planning or for any project that can be broken down into tasks and scheduled on a timeline. Highlight specific milestones, and the template will show the duration and order of each task. This event planning timeline provides a simple way to see specific details of a process while also getting a broad overview.

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