Free Invoice Templates for Google Docs and Google Sheets

Invoices are important for documenting transactions, keeping accurate records, and providing quality customer service. While some companies may require invoice software to handle their billing needs, simple templates can help small businesses or independent contractors save time and money while communicating clearly with clients and customers about their services. If you have a Gmail or Google Drive account, you can access, save, and share templates from the Google template gallery or any source of publicly shared templates, such as those provided below. We’ve compiled a selection of invoice templates for Google Docs and Google Sheets to give you a variety of customizable, professional templates that are free and easy to use.

Since Google Docs is web-based application, files are saved and shared via cloud storage. Files can also be downloaded to a computer and saved in other formats. If you need a printed invoice for snail-mail, you can also save one of the templates below as a PDF and then print and mail the document. If you want to share a template via email, you can invite others to view or edit files in Google Drive, or download the file and attach it to an email message as you would with any other document. For templates in other formats, see our selection of invoice templates for Microsoft Excel and business receipt templates for Excel and Word.

Service Invoice Template - Google Sheets


Service Invoice Template

This Google Sheets invoice template is made for service providers, and includes enough space for an itemized list of services, along with hourly rates and total costs. You can add the tax rate for your state, or any other fees or expenses, and the template will automatically calculate the amount due. This template provides a simple layout with room for comments or instructions.

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Packing Slip Template - Google Sheets


Packing Slip Template

A packing slip details the items ordered and sent in a delivery. Including a packing slip in a shipment can help rectify any discrepancies between items ordered and delivered, because customers can clearly see the reason(s) for undelivered items. A packing slip can help reduce shipping errors and provide clear communication for buyers, especially for businesses that need to sort and manage inventory as it arrives. This template includes space for a manager’s approval to sign off on the items listed.

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Job Estimate Template - Google Sheets


Job Estimate Template

A job estimate provides clients with a description of services to be completed along with an estimate for hours spent and costs incurred. You can create an itemized list of services on this job estimate template so that clients understand all charges. This basic template can be modified to include additional information, such as payment terms and deadlines.

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Blank Invoice Template - Google Sheets


Invoice Template

Use this blank template to enter all the crucial details needed to create a thorough invoice, including business information, customer info, a description of the product or service provided, and the amount due. You may want to include an invoice ID and issue date for easy tracking, a payment due deadline, and any other important terms that the business or individual receiving the invoice needs to know. You can also include additional notes.

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Purchase Order Template - Google Sheets


Purchase Order Template

A purchase order is similar to a commercial invoice, but they buyer provides it to a supplier in order to request goods or services. By accepting it, the seller creates a contract with the buyer based on the terms outlined in the purchase order. This purchase order template provides just enough detail to make the process straightforward for both buyers and sellers.

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Sales Invoice Template - Google Sheets


Sales Invoice Template

If you’re invoicing for goods sold rather than services provided, this template includes fields for a salesperson name, shipping information, item numbers, and unit prices. It calculates product costs into a subtotal, and you can add tax and shipping and handling charges for a final amount due. Customize the template by adding a company logo or changing the colors or formatting.

Open Sales Invoice Template - Google Sheets


Billing Invoice Template - Google Sheets


Billing Invoice Template

A billing invoice template is suitable for businesses providing goods or services. This template includes an invoice number and customer ID for tracking purposes, shipping information, unit prices, and more. Additionally, you can modify the template to suit your needs and those of your customers. This basic Google Sheets invoice template also includes the option for adding tax.

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Delivery Receipt Template - Google Docs


Delivery Receipt Template

Document successful deliveries with a delivery receipt, which allows customers to provide a confirmation signature. This is helpful for  ensuring that a package is delivered to the correct address and received by a person (rather than just left outside). This Google Docs invoice template can be printed and used with carbon paper to create a copy for both the recipient and delivery person. The template also has space for a description of the items delivered, a delivery address, and receipt number for accurate record keeping.


Open Delivery Receipt Template - Google Docs

Price List Template - Google Sheets


Price List Template

Use a price list to keep track of product prices (a reference sheet for businesses to manage and track pricing) or to share with customers to give them an overview of available items. Product names, numbers, and prices are listed on a spreadsheet template, making it easy to sort, find specific items, and compare prices. A price list template can work alongside invoices and receipts to support the sales process.

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Legal Invoice Template - Google Sheets


Legal Invoice Template

This invoice template is designed for legal services, providing space for case details, billable hours, and costs. Attorneys can use this template to offer clients a professional and detailed invoice that documents the type of legal services provided and completed tasks. Additionally, you can personalize this Google Sheet template by adding a law firm name and logo.

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Freelance Invoice Template - Google Sheets


Freelance Invoice Template

This freelance invoice template includes a section for a project description along with the typical invoice format for listing services, rates, and costs. The template highlights key information, such as payment terms and the total amount due. Providing clients with an invoice that looks professional and clear to read can help freelancers to not only get paid, but also build and maintain meaningful relationships for future work.

Open Freelance Invoice Template - Google Sheets


Notary Invoice Template - Google Sheets


Notary Invoice Template

This invoice template is intended for notary services, which may include witnessing a signature or oath, certifying the photocopy of a document, or other duties. Notaries can use the template to list services, rates, and amounts due, and the template will calculate the total charges, including tax if needed.

Open Notary Invoice Template - Google Sheets

Invoice Tracking Template - Google Sheets


Invoice Tracking Template

This invoice tracking template provides a record of invoices sent, amounts due, and totals paid. Use this template to track the status of multiple transactions and ensure that bills aren’t overdue. You can easily edit the columns in this spreadsheet template to include more, less, or different information to suit your business needs.

Open Invoice Tracking Template - Google Sheets


Pro Forma Invoice Template - Google Sheets


Pro Forma Invoice Template

A pro forma invoice is typically used in international trade and when one business needs to send a bill of sale to another business before shipping any goods. The invoice provides details on the items purchased, shipping charges, and other itemized costs. This template is similar to a purchase order in that you use it in planning a transaction, but you will likely use a pro forma invoice when importing or exporting goods.

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Expense Report Template - Google Sheets


Expense Report Template

An expense report lists expenses incurred - usually for business travel - in order to collect reimbursement from an employer. It is typically accompanied by receipts for each transaction to provide verification of the costs listed. You can use this template to record any relevant expenses, including transportation, lodging, meals, conferences or other travel expenditures. 

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Rental Receipt Template - Google Sheets


Rental Receipt Template

This rental receipt template provides documentation that rent has been paid for a specified time period. It notes the payment date and method, amount paid, who received the payment, and the property location. Property owners and managers can use this template to provide renters with a simple cash receipt for their records. With multiple receipts on a single template sheet, you can quickly print several copies.

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