13 Free Business Receipt Templates

By Andy Marker | October 25, 2016

A receipt documents a financial transaction, whether goods or services are purchased, items are donated, money is deposited to secure a lease, or petty cash is removed from a business fund. Receipts are basic documents for recordkeeping that can help customers track their purchases, while businesses or other organizations may use receipts to keep accurate records. This can be especially important during tax season - individuals may need receipts in order to claim deductions, and businesses may need receipts to support an audit. 

Receipts are also useful for returning or exchanging purchased goods, and also reduce fraud by providing proof of purchase with accurate details such as date, location, salesperson, and cost. They create accountability for salespeople (who are responsible for the details of a transaction), as well as for customers (who must keep track of their receipts for future reference). If you work for a business that reimburses costs related to travel, client meetings, or other business needs, you may need to submit receipts in order to receive a timely reimbursement.

In some settings, a receipt may be written by hand, but a template can provide a high-quality option that saves time and money, is fully customizable, and is easy to print and use. Below you’ll find a variety of free, blank receipt templates for both Word and Excel. You can personalize these templates by adding your company logo, changing colors, or editing the information included. We’ve included a broad selection of receipts ranging from cash transactions, taxi services, itemized business invoices, donations, and deliveries. Whether you prefer Word or Excel format, all of these free templates are printable with simple layouts and a professional appearance. For enhanced functionality and flexibility, you can also create a receipt template using Smartsheet.

Receipt Templates for Excel

Packing Slip Template

Packing Slip Template

A packing slip lists purchased items and order quantities, and can be included with a payment receipt when mailing items to customers. This helps ensure that the proper items are included in a shipment, identifies discrepancies between the quantity of items ordered versus shipped, and helps customers organize their inventory once the shipment is received. This packing slip template includes item numbers and descriptions, salesperson name, packing date, and more.


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Itemized Service Invoice Template

An invoice or receipt for services shows an itemized list of completed tasks and their associated costs. If you’re a freelancer or contractor, you may need to provide clients with a service invoice in order to account for your hours and receive payment. This invoice template calculates the subtotal for completed services as well as a grand total including tax and any other fees. If needed, there is room on the template to include additional instructions.

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Sales Receipt Template

Sales receipts provide detailed information on what items were purchased, the payment method used, total costs, and more. Tracking sales can be helpful for business accounting, tracking salesperson and product performance, resolving questions and returns, and providing quality customer service. This sales receipt template includes receipt and customer numbers for tracking, plus automatic calculations that include tax and shipping, if needed.

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Rental Receipt Template

As proof of payment (especially if rent is payed in cash), landlords may provide tenants with rent receipts. Templates make this easy by providing preformatted receipts that show the rental period, payment date, type of payment received, and other information. Rental receipts are useful for both landlords and tenants, since landlords want to record transactions for future reference, and renters may need documentation in the case of a dispute or misunderstanding about payments. 

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Cash Receipt Template

Whether you’re selling goods or services, if you accept payments in cash, you’ll want to offer customers a receipt so that they have some proof of purchase. Cash payments are common for many small businesses, restaurants and events, and individuals may need to provide a receipt when selling a used car or other items. Cash receipts are especially important when it comes to filing taxes. Customize your cash receipt templates to include whatever information best suits your business or personal needs. 

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Business Receipt Template

This business receipt template provides a general format that is appropriate for a variety of transactions. It can be used as an invoice to collect payment, or as a receipt to verify that payment has been received. You can add your business logo and other information to the template to make it your own.

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Taxi Receipt Template

Create a customized taxi receipt template to record all of the important details related to a cab service transaction. This may include driver information such as name, identification number, license, and taxi number, plus travel details like location, distance, and total cost. A taxi receipt can be useful to customers who need evidence of their trip to get reimbursed by an employer, or to detail business expenses on a tax return. It can also be useful for taxi drivers to keep accurate mileage and financial records.

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Receipt Templates for Word

Payment Receipt Template

This payment receipt template in Word format provides multiple receipts on a single page. Each blank receipt has sections for a description of the item or service purchased, the date of transaction, customer and business information, and itemized payment info, including tax.

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Security Deposit Receipt

A security deposit is a typical part of a lease agreement contract. When a security deposit is paid, landlords have reassurance that funds are available if a tenant causes damage to  property. The deposit may also help protect tenants if they are unable to pay for damage or even rent at a future date. Security deposits will vary in amount depending on the property and rental cost, but a receipt will provide tenants with proof of payment and may also explain some terms of the lease. This can be an important reference tool for tenants and landlords in case there is any misunderstanding or conflict during the lease.

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Donation Receipt Template

Donation receipts come in handy during tax season, when donors need to show what gifts they have made to various organizations. There are laws regarding charitable receipts and tax deductions, so check with the IRS to make sure that your donation receipts include all required information. This donation receipt template has space for detailed descriptions of items donated as well as monetary value or cash donations. Organizations can add a logo to personalize the receipt, plus the necessary details to appropriately document donor information and the completed transaction.

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Hotel Receipt Template

Use this hotel receipt template to list hospitality charges, which may include hotel activities and services, meals, nightly room charges, and other expenses. The simple format of this template provides ample room for detailed information and makes it easy to customize. Providing hotel guests with a professional, itemized receipt creates clear communication, which is an important aspect of quality customer service.

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Petty Cash Receipt

Many businesses keep a petty cash fund on hand to cover small expenses such as coffee, cleaning supplies, postage, or other office supplies. It’s up to each business to decide what types of purchases and what level of cost are appropriate for petty cash. To keep track of how this fund is being used, it’s important to create a receipt for each withdrawal that shows the amount of petty cash and why it was used, who received the cash, and who approved the transaction. Accurate petty cash receipts will ensure accountability and eliminate any confusion around how the funds are being used.

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Delivery Receipt Template

A delivery receipt confirms that a delivery was made and includes information such as the quantity and type of packages delivered. This is helpful for customers to ensure that they are getting correct items, and it provides businesses with documentation of successful delivery. This delivery receipt template includes a signature line for the receiving party as proof that the delivery was accepted. 

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