A press kit is an informative package of promotional material provided by a business that’s aimed at sharing a brand message, launching a new product or service, or announcing other news with the press. The goal of a press kit is to provide enough information and media assets so that journalists and other outlets can write a story about your company to help you gain positive publicity and establish and promote a brand, product, or business.

In this article, you will find a variety of free, customizable press kit templates available in PDF and Microsoft PowerPoint formats. Once completed, you cause use these templates in your public relations efforts ramp up buzz about your company or brand.


Press Kit Template


Free Press Kit Template

This press kit template is designed for companies, both large and small, to establish their brand, promote a product, and drive engagement with a targeted audience in hopes of creating buzz among the press, marketers, and potential customers. Use this template to format necessary company information, like company logos, contact information, past work, and bios of employees, in an easy-to-use, customizable template. You can also use this template to pitch your ideas to other brands, journalists, or collaborators by developing a small, visual sampling of your company’s best work and most valuable information.

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Event Press Kit Template


Free Event Press Kit Template

This template is geared towards promoting an event or establishing buzz around a pre-planned function put on by a particular business. Use this free, eye-catching template to document the most important components of your event that you want to get across to the public, like the event name, the venue, dates of the event, and the purpose of the event or function. This press kit helps to promote an event while also increasing company or brand recognition because of the constant connection drawn between the event and the company putting it on.

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Free Blogger Media Kit Template


Free Blogger Press Kit Template

This template establishes the true essence of a blogger and his or her self-developed brand by highlighting key components of past work, future goals, and brand message with a creative, compelling, and visually-appealing media kit. This media kit template grants bloggers the ability to establish social proof of their brand and their bio through a collection of PowerPoint slides or PDF sheets that document their bio, contact info, social media links, ideas about collaboration, and brand or personal testimonials. Tailor this free, customizable template to your blogging needs to pitch your blog to established brands or large businesses, and support your personal brand or background.

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Press Kit for Nonprofits


Free Press Kit for Nonprofits Template

This template aids in the promotion and description of a nonprofit by visually representing and reporting on the previous work, future goals, and overall message of a nonprofit organization or business. This template, available in both PDF and PowerPoint forms, describes the key components of a nonprofit, like the name of the organization, the overall message and goal of the nonprofit, and its history and active programs, as well as a fact sheet with statistics about its mission and its current services. Use this template to promote your nonprofit and link out to external sources or social media links to further knowledge and brand recognition.

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What Is in a Press Kit?

A press kit, also known as a brand kit or media kit, is an information packet that includes documents and media assets that a company or business shares with the public to develop a brand, grow their audience, promote a specific product, or create buzz within an industry. Press kit components should be housed within a table of contents and depending on the purpose of the kit, it should include most of the following:

  • Company name
  • Company logo
  • Company facts, like employee lists or stock price
  • Contact information or bios of the C-suite
  • Company introduction or synopsis (messaging, purpose, services, etc.)
  • Taglines or company-specific messaging
  • Audio and video segments
  • Graphics and images
  • Previous press releases
  • Social media links
  • Interviews and quotes from notable employees or team members
  • Reviews or awards
  • Sponsorship details
  • Non-profit or volunteer work
  • FAQs

Press kits within the entertainment sphere that deal with more media-driven products, like films and music, should included all of the relevant information previously mentioned, in addition to the following:

  • Director’s statement
  • Film synopsis
  • Team or cast
  • Previous work
  • Testimonials
  • Production stills
  • Film posters or images
  • Ratings
  • Streamed music
  • Labels
  • Influencers
  • Sponsors

Aimed at gaining the attention of publishers, journalists, reporters, and businesses, press kits should present the necessary information in a professional, attractive, and unique manner. In addition to public relations professionals, a variety of users, such as bloggers, filmmakers, graphic designers, and freelance writers use press kits. Likewise, you can leverage a press kit in a variety of industries, like nonprofits, entertainment, and event planning.

While there are some physical press kits in circulation that come in the form of documents, posters, or images, these days they are circulated electronically. Press kits made online using programs like Adobe (Creative Cloud and Lightroom), Google Sheets, Microsoft Office, and Pages and should be easily accessible on mobile devices.

What Is Included in an Electronic Press Kit?

An electronic press kit (EPK), sometimes called a digital press kit, allows a business or individual to present their services or products in a mobile, easily accessible way. An EPK not only showcases the most notable aspects of a product or service, but also offers the ability to link to external resources, connect and share effortlessly to social media platforms, and is accessible on electronic and mobile devices, like the web, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.


What Should a Press Kit Look Like?

A press kit should strike the perfect balance between intuitive and eye-catching. You want your press kit to be clear with its message and easy to use so that readers are able to understand your company, product, or brand. In order to create the most well designed press kit, you should include the following creative pieces in your press kits or EPKs:

  • Images: Grab the public’s attention immediately by using well chosen stock images that capture the essence of your company, and guide readers through the press kit visually. Use inDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop to design professional-looking images. These are usually in the form of JPEGs, PNGs, or SVGs.
  • Fonts, Backgrounds, and Colors: Stick to a general theme or color pattern. Use appealing, company-associated colors and interesting fonts to draw readers in and link your press kit immediately to your company or product.
  • Bullet Points and Headers: Summarize key points and ensure components of your company or business stick out by creating catchy headlines and bullet points.

Who Uses a Press Kit?

A press kit is used across a wide array of industries, like finance, food, tech, fashion, and fitness. Additionally, many startup companies, or those looking to scale their business, leverage press kits to drive more sales, develop a more pointed, effective angle or brand purpose, and even fundraise in order to access necessary resources to continue their business.

An extremely versatile tool, a press kit showcases your most successful or useful products and services to help secure space in publications or at shows, win new clients, and drive traffic and exposure to your brand, company, or product in a fast, simple manner. Ultimately, they can help build community and increase audience engagement.

Large companies, like Microsoft and BuzzFeed, have created press kits in the past in an effort to promote a new product or establish buzz within their own industry, which has proven to be a successful marketing tactic. Similarly, media outlets the New York Times and the Washington Post use press kits to showcase advertising rates and circulation figures.

Sometimes, a press kit is even used in the film, music, and entertainment industry in an effort to pitch film ideas, attract cast and crew or film festival directors, or in the case of music, to promote singles, albums, and tours. A press kit can serve as a way for filmmakers or aspiring directors and musicians to promote their ideas and showcase their marketing materials in a visual, easily accessible manner.


Press Kit Advice from the Experts

The influence of the press, and the need to develop press kits to promote your business, is directly correlated to the success of your business, product, or brand message. According to Sara Spiegel, a public relations expert and owner of Sara Spiegel PR, the press is “an unmeasurable, invaluable investment for a company.” In her opinion, “brand awareness is key to your [company’s] growth, sales, and thus your success. It is imperative to stay top of mind and constantly be nurturing those relationships” between a company and the press.

A press kit offers a perfect platform to document and promote your brand in an easily-accessible, informative, yet attractive way.


Press Kit Examples

What does an appealing, successful press kit actually look like? Here are a few samples that effectively promote a business or product and create buzz among the press.

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