Free Sign-in and Sign-up Sheet Templates

Smartsheet Contributor Joe Weller

February 17, 2017

A sign-in sheet typically provides a numbered list where people can sign their names and give contact information or other relevant details. Sign-in sheets are used to collect attendance for classes and seminars, track visitors entering and leaving a business or organization, collect data on who is attending an event and why, and record employee hours at work or training events. These are just a few potential uses for a simple form that can provide highly useful information.

Sign-in sheets can also be used to solicit feedback from customers or visitors to help improve operations and support quality customer service. In a similar vein, sign-up sheets are ideal for recruiting volunteers, planning events, assessing interest in an activity, and creating mailing lists. Interested parties can sign up to participate in an activity or simply receive information about an event, which helps to organize the planning process.

Whether you need a sign-in or sign-up sheet for personal or office use, we are offering free, printable templates here to help you save time. You’ll find sign-in sheet templates for Microsoft Excel - compatible with Excel 2003, 2007 and later versions - as well as for Microsoft Word. These templates are all editable and can be saved and printed as PDF files.

Tips for Creating and Using a Sign-in or Sign-up Sheet

A sign-in sheet is a straightforward document, but here are some best practices to help you make the most of the tool:

  • Use a clean design: Don’t clutter your sign-in sheet with too much information, and leave adequate space for people to include important details. If you’re creating a sign-up sheet, asking for too much information may be distracting or dissuade people from signing the form. Also, select a font that is clear and legible, and use separate columns for each item of information. Ultimately, sign-in sheets should be easy to read and use.
  • List names alphabetically: If your list has names printed for a class, conference, or other event, list names alphabetically so that attendees can easily find where they should sign in. This type of organization will save time and hassle for everyone.
  • Get permission to send a newsletter: Don’t assume that it’s OK to start sending out mail just because someone provides contact info. People want to know what to expect when providing their information.
  • Offer an incentive: If you’re trying to build customer relationships or generate a mailing list, consider providing a discount on services or some other incentive for signing up.
  • Follow-up with attendees: Depending on the situation, this may involve sending thank you notes or information about future events, or requesting feedback. You may also want to consider reaching out to people who were expected to attend a class or event, but didn’t sign in. Contacting them can help you gain information about why they chose not to attend and help maintain a connection for future events.

Training Sign-in Sheet Template - Excel


Training Sign-in Sheet Template

If you’re conducting a training workshop for employees, volunteers or other individuals, this sign-in spreadsheet template allows you to document the name, time, and location of the training session, along with other details. Trainees can sign in to record their attendance. If you need to collect further information, simply add another column to the template.

Download Training Sign-in Sheet Template

Excel | PDF

Seminar Sign-in Sheet Template - Excel


Seminar Sign-in Sheet Template

You can use this seminar sign-in sheet template to record attendance and collect information from participants. Keep track of details such as the topic and facilitator, get contact info from attendees, and find out whether they would like to receive follow-up materials. You can also ask if participants have attended a previous seminar, which can help you tailor the content to your audience or plan for future events.

Download Seminar Sign-in Sheet Template

Excel | PDF

Conference Sign-in Sheet Template - Excel


Conference Sign-in Sheet Template

Use this basic sign-in sheet to document the conference title, location, and featured speaker(s), along with the names of attendees. You can use this template to record conference attendance, and modify it if desired to collect other details such as contact information or feedback on the conference.

Download Conference Sign-in Sheet Template

Excel | PDF

Meeting Sign-in Sheet Template - Excel


Meeting Sign-in Sheet Template

A meeting sign-in sheet can help a group stay organized and on track so that meetings run smoothly. It can also provide some accountability to attendees and, in the case of a meeting with outside partners, document represented companies or organizations. This template includes room at the top for information about the meeting date and location, with sign-in columns below.

Download Meeting Sign-in Sheet Template

Excel | PDF

Visitor Sign-in Sheet Template - Excel


Visitor Sign-in Sheet Template

A visitor sign-in sheet can help build security by recording who is entering and leaving the premises. Having a list of visitors can also be helpful in the case of an emergency when you need to account for occupants. This visitor template includes space for comments and for documenting arrival and departure times.

Download Visitor Sign-in Sheet Template

Mailing List Sign-up Sheet Template - Excel


Mailing List Sign-Up Sheet Template

After a successful workshop or other event, attendees may want to sign up for a mailing list to receive notices about future programs. You can use this mailing list sign-up sheet to collect names and contact information to add to a database of customers, associates, or potential clients. You may also want to inquire about each person’s preferred sources of communication, whether it’s newsletters, email notices, or other marketing materials.

Download Mailing List Sign-up Sheet Template

Patient Sign-in Sheet Template - Excel


Patient Sign-In Sheet Template

This patient sign-in sheet template is designed with medical offices in mind, but you can use it for any type of appointment. Patients or clients can sign their names, and enter the time of their appointment and their arrival time. This template is useful for tracking the flow of clients, noting which patients arrived on time for their appointments, and how long clients have been waiting.

Download Patient Sign-in Sheet Template

Volunteer Sign-up Sheet Template - Excel


Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet Template

Nonprofits often need to recruit volunteers to help at fundraising events or to carry out charitable activities. This volunteer sign-up sheet allows people to sign up for specific tasks, provide contact info, and write additional notes if needed. As a simple spreadsheet, this template could also be adjusted for other uses - anything from delegating event responsibilities to reserving computer time at a local library.

Download Volunteer Sign-up Sheet Template

Carpool Sign-up Sheet Template - Excel


Carpool Sign-Up Sheet Template

Carpools can save time and resources, but only if they’re well-planned. You can use this carpool sign-up sheet to organize rides, plan for work or school events, and avoid miscommunication about who is participating for certain dates and times.

Download Carpool Sign-up Sheet Template

Generic Sign-in Sheet Template - Excel


Generic Sign-in Sheet Template

If you need a generic sign-in sheet, this template provides the basics and can easily be modified to suit a variety of uses. Simply list the name and date of your activity, and collect whatever info is needed to complete the sign-in or sign-up sheet.

Download Generic Sign-in Sheet Template

2-Day Class Sign-in Sheet Template - Excel


2-Day Class Sign-in Sheet Template

A two-day class, workshop, or other event requires a double sign-in, which this template combines into a single sheet. You can document arrival time for both days, and you may want to add an exit time to record the length of attendance. The template also includes room for general information about the course.

Download 2-Day Class Sign-in Sheet Template

Blank Attendance Sign-in Sheet - Excel


Blank Attendance Sign-in Sheet

This blank attendance sheet is appropriate for a class, meeting, or another gathering where you must record attendance, but need minimal data on participants. Like the other sign-in sheets templates available here, you can edit this sheet to suit your specific needs.

Download Blank Attendance Sign-in Sheet

Party Sign-up Sheet Template - Excel


Party Sign-up Sheet Template

Parties can be fun for the attendees, but stressful for the organizers if details are left unplanned. This party sign-up sheet can help anticipate the number of people attending, ensure the planners are providing necessary items, and solicit volunteers for party prep and cleanup.

Download Party Sign-up Sheet Template

Sports Sign-up Sheet Template - Excel


Sports Sign-up Sheet Template

This sports sign-up sheet template includes columns for names - both child players and their parents or guardians - contact information, and the opportunity to volunteer at games, practices, or team events. You may want to include additional information about the sports team, practice times, or requirements at the top of the template so that anyone signing up is well-informed.

Download Sports Sign-up Sheet Template

Employee Sign-in Sheet Template - Word


Employee Sign-in Sheet Template

Employees can use this sign-in sheet template to record entry and exit times, which can be useful for keeping track of hours worked or for documenting employee use of a particular work area (such as a library, archive, or specific department). This information can help create accountability for employees and increase security for office areas.

Download Employee Sign-in Sheet Template - WORD

Open House Sign-in Sheet Template - Word


Open House Sign-in Sheet Template

This sign-in template is for real estate agents who want to track visitors attending an open house. Agents can use this sheet to collect information from attendees and follow up with potential customers. However, you can modify the template for other types of open houses, such as a school, museum, or other institution.

Download Open House Sign-in Sheet Template - WORD

Silent Auction Bid Sheet Template - Word


Silent Auction Bid Sheet Template

If you’re holding a silent auction as part of a fundraising event, use this bid sheet template to list the item offered and its market value, the starting bid, and minimum increment. Participants place their bids on the sheet, so you can contact the winning bidders after the event. This is a straightforward and useful tool for collecting multiple bids on a single item.

Download Silent Auction Bid Sheet Template - WORD

Event Sign-up Sheet Template - Word


Event Sign-up Sheet Template

Use this event sign-up sheet to generate interest in an event and get an estimate of how many people may attend. You can also use this template to solicit volunteers or assign tasks to multiple event organizers. You can edit the sign-up sheet to support your event planning and collect whatever information will be most useful.

Download Event Sign-up Sheet Template - WORD

Student Sign-in Sheet Template - Word


Student Sign-in Sheet Template

You can use this student sign-in sheet template when you need to record attendance and don’t need to collect contact or other information from the students. This is a simple way to keep track of who was present for a class, but you can also use the sheet for meetings or activities outside of a classroom or school.S

Download Student Sign-in Sheet Template - WORD

Trip Sign-up Sheet Template - Word


Trip Sign-up Sheet Template

If you’re organizing a trip for a class, club or office, you can use this sign-up sheet to find out who is planning to come and who has paid the necessary fees. Get contact info from participants to make communications and planning easier. The document also lets attendees know when and where the trip is occurring and what costs are involved.

Download Trip Sign-up Sheet Template - WORD

Club Sign-up Sheet Template - Word



Club Sign-up Sheet Template

This club sign-in sheet template lets you gather names and signatures from club members and to keep track of who has paid their club dues. You could also use this template to sign up new club members or document the total number of members in a given time period. You can add any necessary instructions to attract and inform potential club members.

Download Club Sign-up Sheet Template - WORD

Potluck Sign-up Sheet Template - Word


Potluck Sign-up Sheet Template

This potluck sign-up sheet provides preformatted sections for different potluck items, such as main dishes, drinks, desserts, and utensils. The template is intended to make planning easier by ensuring that key items are taken care of, and that there will be a variety of foods at the potluck. The simple format makes it easy to read, and you can print the template and post it in a shared space for participants to sign up.

Download Potluck Sign-up Sheet Template - WORD

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