Data Protection Management System

Centralized platform for managing data protection, vendor relationships, privacy compliance, data breach tracking.

Comprehensive solution for data protection management, minimizing risks and ensuring compliance.

The Smartsheet Data Protection Management Solution enhances visibility and accountability, streamlines workflows, and minimizes risks associated with data breaches and privacy violations. Collaborate more efficiently, track progress in real-time, and make informed decisions with actionable insights. With Smartsheet, you can ensure compliance with privacy regulations and stay ahead of data protection risks.

Entity level data protection dashboard 

  • Serves as a landing page for the entity / business unit
  • Behind each of the icons there are underlying sheets, reports and dashboards, which make it possible to track data, ease collaboration across teams, automate mundane tasks utilizing workflows and provide up-to date automated overviews for each of the categories
  • Summarizes the key metrics from some of the most important categories (e.g. # of data breaches, % of high risk vendors etc) at entity level
  • Provides insights about latest regulatory news and newly available privacy policies & guidelines within the company as well as cascaded Data Protection OKRs for the entity

Monitor Data Breaches at Entity Level

  • Easily navigate through the key data breach sheets, report, form, dashboards at the top
  • Submit any data breaches incidents seamlessly using Smartsheet forms
  • Based on category of data breach assign and notify automatically the responsible stakeholders using workflows 
  • Track and analyze data breach incidents (e.g. monitor what are the sources of data breaches, how big is the number of affected subjects, what is the severity of data breaches)
  • React quickly on data breaches, create new strategies how to minimize those and enhance accountability of your employees as a result of the above

Report all data protection events in one DPMS dashboard

  • Aggregate data across all business units / entities into one single comprehensive view (Data Protection Management Portfolio Dashboard)
  • Benefit from the easily customizable reports and dashboards to create any view that suits your needs (e.g. cluster / view / sort data by entity, region or category of analysis)
  • Have a global view into the daily operations of all your entities worldwide without missing on any important information

Monitor vendors and third parties

  • Easily manage vendor onboarding and offboarding by utilizing automations and formulas (e.g. send automatic update requests to vendors to update or fill in information, create customized views for them to fill out Due Diligence forms etc)
  • Create logics behind (automated) vendor risk assessments and vendor onboarding approvals based on calculated risk score
  • Easily monitor the portfolio of your vendors globally and minimize number of high risk vendors by having accurate data at all times across and within entities

A streamlined data protection all-in-one solution to manage vendors, prevent breaches, train employees and ensure security. Protect your business with confidence and ease.

Key Features

  • All your data protection agenda in one place
  • Reporting data breaches
  • Tracking of vendors and third party compliance effort

How to get it:

Contact AMX  to learn about more examples and use cases, and how they can help.