Construction Project Management Toolkit

By Sevan Multi-Site Solutions, Inc.

Efficiently manage your project and program schedules, budgets, tasks and more while also bringing full visibility to your portfolio of projects. Dashboards, reports, and full automation across all departments available with the click of a button.

Get visibility to make collaborative, data driven decisions

Utilizing Smartsheet, Sevan has created an easy-to-use toolkit that is a single source of truth—which incorporates program and project dashboards, schedules and budgets, bidding, RFIs and document management. The toolkit is centered around Smartsheet’s Control Center, a central hub to standardize digital processes and manage sheets, reports, dashboards and workflows. The blueprint the Control Center provides can be scaled to provide visibility for all stakeholders and audiences to collaborate on programs of all sizes with built-in automation, reporting and risk management tools. Once implemented, you will have the ability to track and manage your personalized solution to deliver projects and processes with consistency and speed.

Program Dashboard

The Program dashboard is an executive summary of the program’s key attributes and a starting place to view further details.

Program Schedule

Program Schedule dashboard is an overview of the program schedule, tasks and capacity.

Program Budget

Budget dashboard is an overview of the total program budget, revenue and change orders.

Project Overview

The dashboard is an executive summary of the project's key attributes and a starting place for further details.

Key Features

  • Templates for Program Dashboard
  • Templates for Program Schedule
  • Templates Program Budget
  • Sheets for single Project Dashboard

How to get it:

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