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Downers Grove, Illinois, United States

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Sevan performs program management and data analytics for the largest global brands. Applying technology solutions and services, Sevan optimizes project management efforts for clients. As a project-focused organization, we can provide multi-faceted expertise, insights, and best practices to optimizing workflows and process your process flow while executing unique business solutions built within Smartsheet. When generating your process from scratch, Sevan can provide implementation and workflow optimization consulting that takes full advantage of the latest efforts in project management. In addition to consulting and advising services, we can also offer Smartsheet licenses. As we continue to work with the largest companies in the world, allow us to translate that knowledge into workflows that will assist you and your business.


Phone: 615-554-1360

3025 Highland Parkway
Downers Grove, Illinois
United States

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Custom Integrations
Implementation Services
Resource Management
Solution Building
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