10,000ft by Smartsheet

Dynamic, actionable analytics and reporting

How it works

Get the big picture of your organization's performance. Visualize complex data to understand status across the business and make confident decisions to support business growth.

Utilization reporting
Visual project dashboards
Build and share custom reports
Forecast business growth
  • Utilization reporting

    Improve your team's efficiency with utilization reports. Use historical data to spot important trends, like which months are the busiest for your company, who's on the bench, and which teams are overworked.

  • Visual project dashboards

    Real-time analytics help you accurately visualize performance across the project portfolio, identify potential red flags early on, and address conflicts before they become actual issues.

  • Build and share custom reports

    Create custom reports by grouping and filtering the data to meet your organization's requirements. Save report templates and easily share important metrics with stakeholders to keep everyone on the same page.

  • Forecast business growth

    Use project reports to surface a month-by-month or quarter-by-quarter breakdown of all currently scheduled and potential projects to confidently decide when it's time to hire or take on new work.

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The most innovative companies in the world rely on 10,000ft to manage their teams across projects, accurately track time, and confidently forecast with real-time reporting.

10,000ft allows us to be more in control of our data. We can look at historical data to better predict how projects are going to pan out and write better proposals.

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