10,000ft by Smartsheet

Accurate, intuitive time tracking

How it works

No more chasing down timesheets. We make time tracking painless so your team can submit their hours on time and stay focused to keep projects moving forward.

Predictive timesheets
Visual project dashboards
Planned vs. actual report
Mobile time tracking
  • Predictive timesheets

    Pre-filled, one-click timesheets make it easy to track work, vacation, and sick time, and adjust hours as needed. Customizable settings enable you to capture the level of detail your organization requires.

  • Real-time budget updates

    Timesheet data is reflected on the project dashboard in real-time, ensuring your team knows exactly how much time is allocated for each assignment, and how their time and expenses impact the overall budget.

  • Track planned vs. actual hours

    Stay in control of project tracking. Easily set up fee, time, or expense budgets, create custom categories, and track costs towards those categories. Fix potential issues early on, before projects go off the rails.

  • Mobile time tracking

    No more waiting to get back in the office to update timesheets. Team members can track and confirm time on the go and easily let the team know if they're in the office, working from home, on vacation, or out sick.

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You’re in good company.

The most innovative companies in the world rely on 10,000ft to manage their teams across projects, accurately track time, and confidently forecast with real-time reporting.

10,000ft is a tool everyone is happy to use both for inputting their own time, and for understanding the project status in order to make informed decisions quickly.

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