Customer Order Tracking Template

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Customer Order Tracking & History

Customer Order Tracking & History

Improve customer service and transparency, and reduce service calls with this secure, always-current order status and account statement. Start a new row for each order, then attach orders, invoices, shipping details, and payment acknowledgement.

Template design and key features


Customizable Columns

Customer Details
Enter the customer name, account number, billing address and contact info at the top of the sheet
Enter customer orders in the Primary Column (used for Smartsheet automated emails)
PO Date
Add the order date using the date picker
Ship Date
Enter the ship date using the date picker
Shipped Via
Add the shipping method and details
Invoice Amount
Enter the invoice amount — a formula calculates the total account balance at the top of the sheet
Invoice Date
Add the date the invoice was sent to the customer
Record the terms of payment for each invoice
Check off the checkbox when customer payment has been received

Collaborative Features

File Attachments
Store orders, invoices & shipping info
Alerts & Reminders
Set alerts for key dates & sheet changes
Log customer details, comments, & notes
Gantt Chart
Enable Gantt view to see a timeline
Calendar View
View & edit orders in a calendar
Row Hierarchy
Organize orders into collapsible sections
Collaborate in real-time with customers
Update Requests
Request updates on invoice status
Web Forms
Collect customer order requests
Mobile App
View & update your tracker on the go

Sharing with different access levels


Collaborating on the order tracker with your customers


Getting updates on orders & invoices from your customers


Connecting with your apps


Learning resources