Celebrating Giving Tuesday 2022 with Smartsheet ERGs

At Smartsheet, we aim to amplify the voices of our team members. For Giving Tuesday, November 2022, a global philanthropy event that aims to unleash the power of radical generosity, we asked our employee resource groups — which nonprofits would you donate to?

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The Smartsheet community donated $64,784 to nonprofits around the globe

For the first time ever, we created an employee match program, funded by an impact grant from the charitable giving platform, Benevity. We’re excited to announce the nonprofits our ERGs selected to receive a monetary donation for Giving Tuesday.



Smartsheet corporate donation



Benevity impact grant



Donations from Smartsheet employees


Smartsheet corporate donation


Benevity impact grant


Donations from Smartsheet employees

NAFCON selected by Asian Pacific Islanders ERG

The action-oriented platform of the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns brings people together through culture and heritage, education, health and wellness, and advocacy.

The Asian Pacific Islanders at Smartsheet ERG is committed to developing diverse leaders, strengthening employee camaraderie, and enriching the communities its members reside within.

I nominated NAFCON because of all the amazing work they do for the Filipino community from fundraising for disaster relief in the Philippines to supporting social causes amongst the Filipino community.

I am so grateful they were chosen for this year's Giving Tuesday. I am even more grateful for the impact they'll be able to make with all of these donations.

Krisell Valenzuela

Customer Success Manager I

Why Not You Foundation selected by Black at Smartsheet ERG

Dedicated to fighting poverty through education, Russell Wilson and Ciara’s Why Not You Foundation supports student access to equal education opportunities, children’s health, and food security initiatives.

The Black at Smartsheet ERG aims to create an inclusive community that supports greater employee development and drives retention of Black technology leaders through awareness, elevation, and opportunity. 

Why Not You Academy's mission is near and dear to my heart, and resonates with my passion — providing support and resources to young people.

I have witnessed, up-close, the resources, education, and support provided to the students. Further, I have met many of the students, heard their stories, and observed how this foundation has impacted their lives and the trajectory of their future.

Chika Monu

Sr. Technical Program Manager II

Latinas in Tech selected by Hispanic & Latin ERG

The mission of Latinas in Tech is to provide the resources, opportunities and community Latinas need to thrive, innovate and lead in tech.

The mission of the Hispanic & Latin at Smartsheet ERG is to grow a network of employees and promote the cultural diversity and professional development for its members to create a supportive environment for the Hispanic and Latin community.

We're excited to nominate Latinas in Tech to receive a monetary donation on behalf of the Hispanic/Latin ERG for Giving Tuesday. Our goals are very much aligned — help create a tech industry where Latinas are well-represented throughout all levels of the ecosystem by empowering them to be innovators and leaders.

Pilar Rueda

Sr. Journey Strategist

Stop Soldier Suicide selected by Military at Smartsheet ERG

Stop Soldier Suicide (SSS) is on a mission to drive down veteran suicide through strategic partnerships, industry-leading suicide assessment tools, and a high-touch, high-frequency case management model — the first of its kind in the veteran services field.

The mission of the Military @ Smartsheet ERG is to embrace and welcome our proud community of active duty, veterans, dependents, and allies. We support and encourage each other through shared experiences, career development, outward engagement, professional growth, and retention.

I chose to nominate Stop Soldier Suicide because this is an area that hits home for me. While I was serving I lost soldiers to suicide, and just this past summer I lost a good friend and former commander of mine. Any organization whose main focus is to help prevent soldiers and Veterans from taking their lives is a mission I can firmly stand behind and support.

Chris Giovino

Regional Manager, New Business

Rainbow Families selected by Parents & Caregivers ERG

Rainbow Families have a vision of a community of LGBTQ+ families across Australia, where each family is included, respected, and has value. Run by LGBTQ+ families, the community organization acts as a support network for parents and carers and their children.

The Parents and Caregivers ERG offers a safe place and open community to share advice, ask questions, and learn from each other.

By choosing Rainbow Families, not only are we able to support Parents & Caregivers throughout Australia, but we’re also able to embrace the intersectionality with the LGBTQIA+ community. Rainbow Families has similar values to our group: education, support, and ensuring that parents & caregivers understand they don’t have to go at it alone.

Courtney Crowley

Social Media Manager

Mermaids selected by Rainbow Collab at Smartsheet ERG

Mermaids supports transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse children and young people until their twentieth birthday, as well as their families and professionals involved in their care.

The Rainbow Collab at Smartsheet ERG is committed to building a community that celebrates our diversity in which every person feels safe, recognized, and supported so that they can bring their whole, unique selves to the workplace.

Data indicates that 82% of transgender individuals have considered killing themselves and 40% have attempted suicide, with suicidality highest among transgender youth. Mermaids is helping gender-diverse young people and their families in these challenging times.

Anti-trans hate groups are threatening their staff and volunteers and are continuing to bully the trans community through any channel they can find. Mermaids are in need of funds to stand up against this transphobia and provide the life-saving support to trans people that need it.

Marvin Eberhard

Customer Success Manager

Play Like a Girl selected by Women and Gender Minorities ERG

Play Like a Girl leverages the skills girls gain from sport to give them a competitive edge in the classroom and propel young women into competitive, male-dominated careers in STEM.

The Women and Gender Minorities ERG aims to create a community that inspires, empowers, and uplifts women and gender minorities by providing opportunities for personal growth, mutual support, and advocacy.

I'm so proud Play Like a Girl was selected! As a young female professional myself, it's incredibly important to me to empower, mentor, and support young women to achieve their career goals, especially in male-dominated industries to rewrite what it means to 'play like a girl.' A huge shoutout to all of the female leaders who continue to empower all of the women in their lives!

Molly Radabaugh

Social Media Lead

"Play Like a Girl is on a mission to close the gender gap in STEM and level the playing field for girls, especially those from historically underrepresented groups and low-income communities. We are grateful to Smartsheet Woman and Gender Minorities ERG for supporting our mission and making STEM accessible to our students, ensuring these girls have the resources they need to thrive in the classroom, community, and beyond."

Play Like A Girl CEO: Dr. Kimberly S. Clay