4 templates to drive dynamic marketing programs

by Staff Writer

Whether it’s seamless omnichannel experiences or personalized messaging that’s truly relevant, consumers expect more from brands than ever before. Meeting these sky-high expectations requires an ever-growing number of marketing platforms and solutions: some organizations work with as many as 20 different martech tools and platforms, according to a recent survey of more than 500 marketers around the globe. 

But old tools for tracking and managing campaigns and other marketing functions are straining under the load of marketers’ increasingly complex needs and mix of activities: the vast majority of marketers – 83% – struggle with data silos, the same global survey found. An inability to holistically track and analyze marketing efforts can undermine results. Issues such as discrepancies across departments and siloed data make it more difficult to deploy consistent campaigns, measure the ROI of marketing activities — and ultimately turn customers into evangelists.   

Smartsheet templates can help marketing teams bridge these gaps, eliminate silos, and provide true collaboration and transparency across campaigns and channels. These improvements can help you to more effectively budget, track and meet marketing goals, and measure the returns of your marketing activities, so you can drive innovation and achieve more with the resources you have.

1. Marketing Team Objectives

Marketing team objectives template

As marketing teams are tasked with deploying more campaigns and initiative more channels and initiatives than ever before, it can become challenging to function as a single team and gain insights into the work that’s being done by each team. At the same time, it is vital to unify efforts in order to provide the consistent experiences and messaging consumers expect — and to scale those initiatives to drive success.

This Marketing Team Objectives template helps to overcome inherent information silos, providing a single department view of all objectives and deliverables, so teams can stay informed and engaged — and accountable — and ensure that all marketing efforts stay on track.

Download the Marketing Team Objectives template.

2. Marketing Quarterly Goals

Marketing quarterly goals template

Two-thirds of CMOs surveyed by Gartner shared that their marketing budgets are on the rise — and with that added investment often comes added accountability. The Smartsheet Marketing Quarterly Goals template provides a unified, shared view of all goals across the marketing department, as well as an easy way to track progress of key metrics towards quarterly targets across all marketing channels. 

Download the Marketing Quarterly Goals template.

3. Marketing Campaign Analysis Rollup

Marketing campaign analysis rollup

The increasingly disparate nature of customer marketing data, along with the number of platforms on which campaigns are deployed, make it harder than ever for marketers to compile a single record of campaign results. And without unified data, marketers can’t measure the results of their campaigns nor can they make fully-informed decisions that will improve the results of future marketing initiatives. Our Marketing Campaign Analysis Rollup template gives you a single source of truth for campaign performance, makes it easy to track and consolidate campaign results across channels, and allows marketers across teams to attach supporting files to fully capture performance within one unified record. 

Download the Marketing Campaign Analysis Rollup template.

4. Marketing Campaign and Budget Plan

Marketing campaign budget plan template in Smartsheet

As marketing budgets grow, so too grows the need to seamlessly and accurately tracking spend and results. This Marketing Campaign and Budget Plan template updates automatically in real time, making budgeting and tracking campaigns easier and more efficient. Initially designed for schools, this template can work well for all small businesses and organizations.

Download the Marketing Campaign and Budget Plan template.

Uplevel your work in Smartsheet today to achieve more

Our growing library of flexible and easy-to-use templates are specifically designed to provide you with ways to jump-start your productivity and roll our your marketing strategy quickly and consistently. By creating seamless teams across the department,  and eliminating silos to increase the campaign and channel visibility and accountability marketers need to connect with their customers, Smartsheet helps you move faster, drive innovation, and achieve more with every marketing dollar. 

To learn more about how Smartsheet can help you drive more informed, successful marketing campaigns, visit our marketing solutions page