#FruitfulWork: 10 cross-discipline time management & productivity experts to follow

by The Smartsheet Team


How do you do your most #FruitfulWork? Are you compartmentalized and organized like a pomegranate?

Do you follow twisting, branching paths like a bunch of grapes?

Or are you a durian (no one’s a durian)?

Regardless of where in the produce section you are, you can always amp up your productivity, improve a little every day, and eventually see your efforts bear fruit.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be bringing you our favorite tips and hacks under the hashtag #FruitfulWork. Follow the Smartsheet team on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to make sure you catch every post.

We’re kicking things off with a series of posts featuring content creators we like and respect. You can catch the first two posts here and here.

Now onto our final collection: Folks who balance a full-time job and time spent creating content about productivity, collaboration and efficiency.

Follow These 10 Experts for More #FruitfulWork


Business and Remote Work

The typical office job has changed substantially in the past two years. Many folks who were productive in the cubicle have found the home office life challenging— and many who went back to the office after the hiatus are struggling, too. These experts can help with work productivity wherever you are.


Dawn Bjork is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, MS Office expert, and productivity speaker. Her YouTube channel is packed with tips, tricks, and hacks to get the most out of the Microsoft Office suite. Follow her on Instagram for more quick tips and plenty of inspirational content, too.

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Meghan M. Biro is the host of the #WorkTrends content series and podcast. She makes thoughtful content about the intersection of HR, technology, and productivity. With each podcast episode, Meghan hosts a Twitter chat that always sparks interesting conversation.

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Lisette Sutherland specializes in remote work and collaboration — an area of focus that couldn’t be more timely. She’s also the author of Work Together Anywhere. Lisette brings in a wide variety of knowledgeable experts for her remote interview series on YouTube: Start with this one on work-life balance.

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Educators have time management skills that put the rest of us to shame — who else could grade hundred essays and coach volleyball and raise a family? These two folks have each taught classes on a wide variety of subjects and now they’re here to educate us.


Nicole A McLaren Campbell is dedicated to helping teens and women achieve their goals. But you don’t have to be either to appreciate her optimism and encouraging worldview. Start with one of the short “3 Keys” videos for a quick pick-me-up.

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Matt D’Avella is a documentarian, minimalist, amateur behavioral scientist, and more. Don’t worry: He’s not going to tell you to throw out all your possessions and sleep on the floor. His content is all about how to do more of what we really want to do (like get work done) and less of what we habitually do (like scroll social media). Check out his YouTube for quick tips and long-form videos like this interview with Thomas Frank.

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These three folks have perfected the art of being your own boss without falling into the “constant hustle” mindset. They’re generous with tips on how to develop the organization, self-discipline, and motivation to get work done.


Maryam Salam is an entrepreneur, professional content creator, and freelance consultant. She produces a mountain of video content on topics as varied as running a small business, establishing thought leadership, and specific advice for her fellow creators of color. 

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Peter J. Voogd is the creator and host of the Young Entrepreneur Lifestyle 2.0 podcast. His high-energy, no-nonsense style brings extra entertainment value to discussions on entrepreneurship, financial planning, and productivity. Start with these quick tips for getting into a more productive state of mind.

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Rachel Pedersen

As you might expect from a social media/marketing person, Rachel creates fun and educational content that’s made for social media. Her TikTok channel has plenty of funny material mixed in with advice on entrepreneurship and motivation. Check out this quick video on developing a growth mindset for starters.

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Small and Medium-Sized Business Owners


Sally Foley Lewis is dedicated to helping middle managers improve and move up. She talks about how to motivate employees, how to become a self-starter, and much more. Start with her Vlog playlist for quick tips you can put into action right away.

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Barry Moltz is the host of the Small Business Radio Show and author of How to Get Unstuck. He’s an indispensable advisor for small business owners and entrepreneurs of any stripe. His latest podcast, “How Your Team Can Work Four Days a Week and Get More Done,” is a great entry point.

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