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We gave away our coveted spot on the McLaren Formula 1 cars to an incredible nonprofit.

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Doing good has no finish line

At the Australian Grand Prix, DeadlyScience became the first Indigenous-founded organization to be featured on a Formula 1 car. And our support continues.

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People watched the race, where DeadlyScience was on screen for 3 minutes.

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From the halo of the car to the side panel, the DeadlyScience logo was on screen for 176 seconds, which is nearly 3 minutes. And according to Nielsen Sports, 54.8  million people watched the race. 

McLaren to feature Indigenous start-up on cars at Australian GP in world first

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McLaren Racing to Feature DeadlyScience on Its Cars at the Australian Grand Prix

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Indigenous sponsor to appear on McLaren in groundbreaking move

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Our partnership with McLaren

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