How 3 U.S. government agencies use Smartsheet to achieve their missions

by Stephen Danos

Editor’s note: Smartsheet Gov is a secure, enterprise-grade platform made for government agencies and built on AWS GovCloud (US) that can foster effective collaboration and transparency within departments, bureaus, and agencies to drive innovation and achieve your mission. Right now, we’re offering free access to Smartsheet Gov to governments and agencies responding to the COVID-19 crisis. 

Federal government agencies use Smartsheet Gov, a work execution platform designed especially for government agencies, to make work processes more speedy and effective, empower their workers to have higher visibility into information and metrics, and ultimately achieve their missions. This is especially critical during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many federal agencies have to act quickly, and do more with fewer resources. 

Read on to learn from three organizations about how the Smartsheet Gov platform helps them manage critical information, projects, programs, and processes right now.

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1. Gain visibility across silos 

No matter which government agency you work for, Smartsheet can help you better collaborate, improve transparency, and drive innovation. “My supervisor says that I make it all look so easy,” said Kelly Prince, an administrative support assistant at a large federal government agency. “I say that it is Smartsheet that makes it look so easy.”

I save an hour or more every day just by having all of my documents right where I need them, without having to sign in to other programs that can take forever to open. I can give answers to complicated contract questions in seconds because it is all in the same place. I would say that if I added it all up, Smartsheet saves me at least four to eight hours every week.

Kelly Prince, administrative support assistant, large government agency

2. Procurement services for the federal government

In 1949, the United States Congress created the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) to support all national government agencies. Today, the GSA employs over 11 thousand amazing people, united under the vision of making government “effective and efficient for the American people.” 

How do they do it? By making sure government agencies get the best deals on real estate ventures and technology. GSA achieves better alignment and standardizes processes using the Smartsheet work execution platform.

We are currently in the process of implementing an IT Funding Tracking system within Smartsheet. This will allow us to track how and what type of funding is spent across our teams. Concurrently, this Smartsheet solution will help us streamline and standardize the process, ultimately allowing us to be more agile, efficient, drive accountability internally, and provide real-time updates to our stakeholders across our agency. Smartsheet helps us deliver results ‘real time’ and faster!

Tracie Strack, Product Owner - GSA, Office of Systems Management

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3. Delivering legal aid to low-income citizens

The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) has helped fund civil legal aid for low-income Americans for the past 45 years. With over 10 thousand full-time employees operating in more than 850 offices across the country, LSC served over 1.8 million people in 2018. That’s beyond impressive.

We use Smartsheet to manage just about everything, from software comparisons and system requirement management to visit planning, team dashboards, and training evaluations. Our end users are able to automate their processes without additional burden on the IT department.

Jada Breegle, CIO at LSC

These are just a handful of examples of federal government agencies and departments that use Smartsheet Gov to connect teams by breaking down silos, improve workflow consistency to speed execution, and help workers do more with less.

Smartsheet empowers government professionals to break down department silos, attain transparency, and modernize processes and programs so they can achieve more. Learn more about Smartsheet Gov.