Announcing an easier way to manage your creative work with new Smartsheet integrations for Adobe Photoshop and XD

by The Smartsheet Team

Creatives today are responsible for delivering more content and design work than ever before. Teams rely on Adobe® Creative Cloud® to create everything from social media posts to product designs, but often struggle to effectively manage their workloads and collaborate with stakeholders during the review process. 

That’s why Smartsheet is excited to announce the launch of our new integrations with Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe XD, making it easier for Smartsheet users to manage their deliverables and collaborate during the content review process. With the new integrations, creatives are now able to view their Smartsheet tasks and request feedback and approval from stakeholders all from within Adobe Creative Cloud. These capabilities seamlessly fit within the entire content production process from strategic planning to requests and reporting. This eliminates silos and streamlines work so creatives can spend less time managing manual tasks, and more time focusing on their deliverables.

Companies understand that creating personalized content delivers a better experience for their customers, but that producing this content at scale is challenging with so many different collaborators and stakeholders.” said Aubrey Cattell, VP, Creative Cloud Developer Platform at Adobe. “These new integrations with Photoshop and XD take full advantage of the Creative Cloud platform's UXP technologies to bring work management and review capabilities directly to the creative's tools, streamlining the collaborative process and keeping creatives where they want to work.” 

Adobe has been transforming in-app extensibility by investing in its Unified Extensibility Platform (UXP) to give creative) teams faster and easier access to third-party plugins. Smartsheet now offers plugins on this new platform for Adobe Photoshop and XD to deliver more powerful shared experiences. This is in addition to Smartsheet’s existing extensions for Photoshop, Illustrator®, and InDesign® on the Common Extensibility Platform (CEP). 

Smartsheet Tasks Viewed Directly in Adobe Photoshop
View your tasks from Smartsheet directly in Adobe Photoshop

How it Works

To get started, open the desired sheet, and select the row you wish to interact with. Once you’ve selected the row, you can:

  • View information about work assignments in sheets
  • Download attachments from Smartsheet to include in assigned work
  • Upload selected files from Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Illustrator, and InDesign to a Smartsheet Proof
  • Send review requests from a Smartsheet Proof to get feedback and approvals on work
  • Manage different versions of uploaded files
  • Quickly access the Smartsheet Proof review page to see what feedback has been provided by stakeholders across the business
Request feedback from stakeholders directly in Adobe XD
Request feedback from stakeholders directly in Adobe XD

How To Get Started

The Smartsheet for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD integrations  are available for free, but you must be a licensed Smartsheet user with a Business, Enterprise, or Premier plan, and have a license for Adobe Creative Cloud. You can learn more about how to install and set up the integration HERE.

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