Visually Manage Work With Card View, Now on Mobile

by Brendan Reed

A businessman uses Smartsheet card view on a mobile device and laptop

Today, teams across industries use a variety of ways to view, visualize, and act on information to get work done. Whether they’re creating and managing a portfolio of projects, tracking expenses, or servicing requests, they need to be able to work from anywhere, anytime, on any device — and be able to quickly visualize work in progress.

Inspired by Kanban boards and the Agile Methodology, Smartsheet card view is a highly visual way to prioritize, communicate, and collaborate on work. It makes information and data more approachable so that you always see the big picture, make sure your projects are on track, and identify potential gaps in your plan.

Smartsheet customers use card view for a variety of workflows, from tracking IT tickets by priority, to quickly viewing status changes to product release roadmaps.

Whether you work for an enterprise company or small business, using this capability enables you to assign process and project tasks to “swim lanes,” so you can view and confidently respond to workflows even faster.

Many of our customers regularly manage processes and projects using card view, and they told us they want a way to access this visual display from their mobile devices.

Today, we are proud to announce that card view is available on the Smartsheet mobile app (iOS and Android) to help you visualize, access, and act on work in motion, anywhere, with just a couple of taps.

Empower Your Team, Increase Process Efficiency

Card view strengthens communication and collaboration between teams, providing a more visual way to see, share, and act on projects together.

When switching from grid view to card view, columns and rows are replaced by lanes of cards that let you visually track the flow of your work from start to finish.

You can organize cards by values in a drop-down column, contact column, or symbol column — or filter to see tasks from multiple perspectives. If lanes are organized by owner, you can shift resources and tasks around to balance your team’s workload.

In addition, you can add custom fields, images, and color coding to cards. These help to grab your team’s attention so they can quickly see the ticket, task, or project details that matter most.

Animated GIF shows Smartsheet card view on a mobile device

On mobile card view, you can quickly move cards from lane to lane. Touch and hold any card to easily move them within the same or adjacent lanes, or quickly jump to others using the lane index at the top of the screen. Whether you’re working in the field, or between meetings, you can drag-and-drop cards to quickly make changes on the go, and ensure updates are reflected wherever they happen.

Card view is like a user-friendly, clean view of a spreadsheet. Not everyone likes spreadsheets, so you can give them card view and it just makes more sense for them."

Don Whelan

Marketing Coordinator


To learn more and get your sheets set up for card view, read our help articles for card view on mobile and card view on desktop, or watch this short video.

Launch Your Next Project With A Card View Template

To give you some ideas on how to get started, try one of our free card view templates below in your Smartsheet app:

IT Request Management

The IT request management template will help your team increase visibility into the IT ticketing process to ensure nothing is forgotten. Streamline request intake with a simple form and use symbols and color coding to represent task importance, and accelerate issue resolution.

With card view on the mobile app, IT teams can access ticket details while helping stakeholders to resolve their tech issues and quickly make updates.

Try out our IT request management template.

IT Request Management template in Smartsheet card view

Product Release Roadmap

The product release roadmap template is ideal for companies that want to align their marketing and product teams to meet key delivery targets for new products and features. You can track deliverables by month, quarter, or year by moving cards between lanes, and color code items to provide an organized view of tasks. In addition, you can leverage conditional formatting to highlight gaps in your plans.

Having the product release roadmap template displayed on mobile card view helps teams make updates to release cards wherever and whenever those updates happen, empowering them to keep up with strategic shifts.

Use the product release roadmap template.

Product Release Roadmap template in Smartsheet card view

Task Tracker

The team project task board Smartsheet template relies on card view to improve your daily workflows. The team project task board template helps teams stay informed on the progress of key initiatives across teams, projects, and processes.

You can track projects by assignee, status, or type, then identify any resource gaps on the go with mobile card view.

Check out the team project task board template.

Team Project Task Board template in Smartsheet card view

Card view on both desktop and mobile is available at no additional cost on all users plans.

Don’t have the Smartsheet mobile app? Get it today from the App Store for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android.