How Teams Stay Connected With Smartsheet Mobile

by Stephen Danos


A Smartsheet customer works on mobile device and laptop during ENGAGE'18

Companies and teams that embrace the Smartsheet mobile app see many benefits, including some that aren’t so obvious at first glance. During the ENGAGE’18 session “Increase Productivity on the Go With Smartsheet Mobile”, we demoed some of the newer capabilities you can find in the Smartsheet mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

After fielding a few impromptu questions from session attendees, we shared some examples of how customers innovate using Smartsheet mobile. Read on to learn how customers in real estate property management, the fashion industry, and county park services have augmented their essential workflows with the Smartsheet mobile app.


5 Tips to Make the Most of the Smartsheet Mobile App

Rapid Responses in Real Estate Property Management

A real estate management company with property managers spread out in the field needed to make sure their teams were staying connected and collaborative in order to submit and respond to:

  • Work orders

  • Interior and exterior property photos

  • Safety inspection documents

  • Additional observations and notes

Before adopting Smartsheet, the firm used a paper system for data collection, then physically carried work orders and safety inspection documents to their call center, where team members would manually enter them into a database. This system led to many details being missed, which had a ripple effect throughout the properties they manage.

Now, with their use of the Smartsheet mobile app, field workers can quickly submit observations, photos, work orders, and safety inspection notes using a custom-built form directly from the mobile device they’re using. This makes a huge difference to their workflow, as management receives an instant notification, which means they can quickly assign jobs and be more responsive to property owners and tenants.


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Barcode Scanning Boosts Fashion Brand’s Confidence

In the fashion brands and retail industry, tracking inventory can be a challenge. Stock keeping units (SKUs) are a random assembly of numbers and letters, so one manual input mistake can lead to costly mix-ups. For example, if an employee inputs the wrong SKU number of a seasonal clothing item for a scheduled photo shoot, their error could result in setting up the shoot for the wrong item, and a wasted trip for the photographer.

One Smartsheet customer that manages an international fashion brand used to manually search for SKUs stored in Smartsheet. Then they incorporated barcode scanning into their workflows through the mobile app. Now they scan the barcode and immediately find the correct item. Adding this capability:

  • Increases their confidence in finding the right SKU

  • Enables them to check in-studio seasonal inventory on the fly

  • Gives them access to product details from a sheet, using cross-sheet formulas


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Real-time Visibility of County Park Field Staff

Parks and Recreation departments often have employees working out in the field, sometimes in remote areas. A Smartsheet customer that works in county park services has staff working in forests, and they can go days without seeing each other face to face.

In response to this barrier to traditional forms of communication, the staff uses the Smartsheet forms and the mobile app to:

  • Submit daily logs and details with their mobile devices, which are aggregated at their home office

  • Submit the license plate numbers of frequent parking violators, then track and update citation statuses in a centralized sheet

These changes drastically reduce their reliance and paper, and increases daily collaboration among all staff members. In addition, whenever someone working remotely submits a report using the Smartsheet mobile app, their trigger-based notifications let the home office know that the staff member is safe while working in the field.  

To learn more about how teams can get the most out of the Smartsheet mobile app, watch the ENGAGE session video below, including a customer presentation by Dr. Patricia Nay, Executive Director at Maryland Department of Health - Office of Health Care Quality, on how her team uses the Smartsheet mobile app: