Sharing our resources amid the coronavirus outbreak

by Kara Hamilton

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is a growing concern of organizations around the world. 

Since late last week, I’ve been connecting with other business leaders who are actively sharing best practices and resources for keeping our team members safe and informed. The openness and collaboration across companies has been inspiring and heartwarming, and has helped us immensely as we have quickly developed our response plans for our teams here in Bellevue, and for our teams in Boston, London, Edinburgh, and Sydney. 

The result is a centralized Smartsheet dashboard that serves as a communications hub and resource center for our employees, and a set of sheets and forms that help us understand and assess risks to our Smartsheet community.

In the spirit of support and openness, we’ve created free templates that can be used by other organizations to build their own coronavirus preparedness dashboard, rich with CDC documentation and other resources, and related sheets and forms. We hope you will find them useful. This template set is available on our Solution Center to licensed users on a Business, Enterprise, or Premier plans. Those in a free trial can also download and use the template set. 

You can access the coronavirus preparedness template set here.

Note: This template set reflects our approach to this very challenging and rapidly evolving situation; it should not be considered expert guidance.

Kara Hamilton is Chief People and Culture Officer at Smartsheet.