Agile Maturity Model, Matrix and Assessment Templates

By Kate Eby | July 6, 2021

We’ve compiled the most useful Agile maturity model, matrix, and assessment templates for Scrum masters, project managers, project sponsors, and Agile team members. Plus, get tips on using Agile maturity models for Agile development practices.  

On this page, you’ll find six essential Agile maturity templates, including a team Agile maturity matrix template, a lifecycle Agile maturity assessment template, an Agile maturity model template, and an Agile maturity assessment presentation template.

Team Agile Maturity Matrix Template

Team Agile Maturity Matrix Template

Download Team Agile Maturity Matrix Template

Microsoft Excel | Google Sheets 

Use this comprehensive team Agile maturity matrix template to standardize and measure your team’s adoption of Agile software development practices. On the Team tab, set Agile-practice goals, monitor progress, and keep team members on the same page as both your product and adoption of Agile application matures. The Radar Charts tab provides a precise Agile-adoption maturity-level indicator. You can also use this template to focus on sprint retrospectives and to enable team members to perform self-assessments of their use and understanding of Agile development practices. 

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Agile Maturity Model Template

Agile Maturity Model Template PowerPoint

Download Agile Maturity Model Template

Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides

Use this template to easily gain visibility into your product’s all-around Agile maturity progress. This Agile maturity model template includes pre-filled sample text and provides at-a-glance insight into your organization’s Agile adoption plan. This visually rich presentation template also includes stage-by-stage Agile adoption maturity levels (initial, just started, define Agile process, measured Agile process, and optimal Agile process), so you can relay these details for your team. 

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Lifecycle Agile Maturity Assessment Template

Life Cycle Agile Maturity Assessment Template

Download Lifecycle Agile Maturity Assessment Template

Microsoft Excel | Google Sheets

Gain both high-level and detailed insight into the lifecycle of your product’s application of Agile practices — and ensure perpetual and timely product delivery — with this comprehensive Agile maturity assessment template. Enter the level of Agile maturity, ranked from 0 (Initial) to 4 (Optimal), for each component for your team, including Agile team dynamics, Agile team dynamic, product, Agile process mechanics, and Agile development practices. You can customize this template to fit your needs and easily share it to keep all stakeholders and team members apprised of your Agile maturity progress. 

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Agile Maturity Assessment Presentation Template

Agile Maturity Assessment Presentation Template

Download Agile Maturity Assessment Presentation Template 

Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides

Provide stakeholders, sponsors, and team members with your team’s progress in adapting to Agile practices with this presentation-ready Agile maturity presentation template. Enter the Agile stage for each of your product development’s processes (e.g., non-existent Agile, basic Agile level, well-defined Agile process, developing in an Agile manner, and Agile fully applied). This Agile-maturity assessment template is the perfect tool to easily present a comprehensive, high-level overview of your team’s adoption of Agile methods. 

For details on successful Agile modeling, read “Keys to the Successful Adoption of Agile Modeling.”

Agile Maturity Checklist

Agile Maturity Checklist Template

Download Agile Maturity Checklist

Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Word | Google Docs | Google Sheets | Smartsheet

This factor-by-factor Agile practices checklist enables you to track project or product development deliverables to ensure your team is on track to meet feature or project-related obligations. The template includes check boxes for Agile team dynamics, team product, Agile process mechanics, and Agile development practices for you to indicate if your Agile application is on track from sprint by sprint to meet your quarterly development goals. Use this Agile maturity checklist to ensure that you are applying Agile practices to each sprint on your product roadmap and that each team member’s efforts are on target for iterative product releases.

Agile Maturity Scorecard

Agile Maturity Scorecard Template

Download Agile Maturity Scorecard Template

Microsoft Excel | Google Sheets

Rank your implementation of Agile practices across the development lifecycle with this Agile maturity scorecard template. Rate team dynamic, environment, product, Agile process mechanics, and Agile development practices on a simple 0-4 scale (Initial, Just Started, Defined, Measured, and Optimal Agile) to ensure that every aspect of your Agile sprint’s deliverables are on track and accounted for. The Radar Charts tab provides you with a dynamic graphic to indicate your team’s Agile-maturity level.

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