Free Annual Business Budget Templates

By Andy Marker | January 6, 2021

We’ve compiled the most useful free annual business budget templates, including those for established companies, startups, and marketing teams. You’ll also learn more about what goes into creating an annual business budget. 

Included on this page, you'll find an annual business budget template, a first-year budget calculator, an annual startup business budget template, and an annual marketing budget template. Plus, we offer helpful tips for using an annual business budget template.

Annual Business Budget Template

Annual Business Budget Template

Download Annual Business Budget Template

Excel | Google Sheets

Use this easy-to-fill annual budget template to gain year-over-year insight into your business’s expenditures and revenue. Enter planned employee, office, marketing, training, and travel costs, and use the respective tabs to track actual expenses and calculate your expense variance (the disparity between planned and actual expenses). A unique expense analysis tab provides a dashboard view of your planned vs. actual expenses, variance, and variance percentage. 

If you are looking for budget templates for nonprofits, check out this article for a vast variety of budget templates suitable for any nonprofit organization. 

First-Year Budget Calculator

First Year Budget Calculator Template

Download First-Year Budget Calculator

Excel | Google Sheets

Use this simple first-year budget calculator to determine whether your budding business has adequate resources to meet its financial obligations. Enter operating expenses (e.g., operations, marketing, occupancy, inventory, etc.) and employee salaries to compare startup costs to monthly expenditures. This first-year budget calculator features a section for personal finance details and how they might affect your organization’s overall budget outlook.

Annual Operating Budget Template

Annual Operating Budget Template

Download Annual Operating Budget Template

Excel | Google Sheets

Use this annual operating budget template to gain year-over-year insight into how your organization’s expenditures relate to revenue. Enter total income, total expenses, and total savings to arrive at your month-by-month net income. Add salary or details, any interest income, refunds and reimbursements, and any other miscellaneous costs to help identify budgeting shortfalls and ensure your business is on sound fiscal footing.

You can find more operating budget templates in this article.

First-Year Startup Budget Calculator

First Year Startup Budget Calculator Template


Download First-Year Startup Budget Calculator

Excel | Google Sheets

This template is ideal for startup companies that want to contrast their funding with expenditures to avoid any financial shortfalls. Use this template to ensure that your first-year budgeting calculations (startup costs, operational expenses, estimated and actual income, and any personal expenses) are as accurate as possible. Save this calculator as a one-off file with customized entries, or share it as a template with team members to standardize budgeting practices. 

Annual Startup Business Budget Template

Annual Startup Business Budget Template


Download Annual Startup Business Budget Template

Excel | Google Sheets

Gain a year-over-year perspective of annual revenue vs. expenses with this startup-specific annual business budget template. Enter revenue (sales, commissions, and investments, etc.), expenses (salaries/wages, operations, marketing, etc.) and use the Summary tab’s dashboard-like view to see current budgeted expenses compared to actual revenue. Get a grasp on the bottom line by itemizing each expense and revenue source. Then, use that data to monitor your proximity to profitability. 

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Printable Annual Budget Report Template

Printable Annual Budget Report Template

Download Printable Annual Budget Report Template 

ExcelWord | PDF

Gain important insights into the overall health of your company’s budget with this print-friendly month-by-month and year-over-year budget report. Enter income (salaries, dividends/interest, etc.) and expenditures to determine your organization’s true annual income. You can share this annual budget report template as a one-off budget report, or use it as a template to fit all annual budget reporting needs.  

Annual Marketing Budget Template

Annual Marketing Budget Template

Download Annual Marketing Budget

Excel | Google Sheets

This annual budget template is designed specifically for marketing organizations — use it to compare estimated marketing campaign costs against actual costs. Enter expenses (national and local marketing, public relations costs, content marketing, social media, advertising, etc.) to get an overview of where you need to reign in costs to meet marketing budget goals. This template, with line-by-line, pre-filled, marketing-specific expenses, takes the guesswork out of accounting for each cost. You can also customize this budget template to meet your needs.

Why You Need an Annual Business Budget Template

An annual business budget template offers a single or year-over-year comparison of expenditures compared to revenue. The pre-filled information in an annual business budget template guides you through the annual budgeting process, so you can leverage pre-set criteria to gain insight into the accuracy of business’s expenses and revenue sources. 

In short, an annual business budget template provides you with visibility into your business’s true financial picture with an easy-to-use, pre-set list of projected and actual expenditures and revenue sources, and any differences between them. An annual business budget template allows you to enter planned salary, office space, marketing, training, and travel costs in order to calculate at your expense variance. 

While annual budget templates are useful for evaluating expenditures vs. revenues annually, you can also assess your budget’s feasibility quarterly or over your first business year. This information can help you create a budget that allows your business to continue operating with a sound financial outlook.

Tips for Using an Annual Business Budget Template

An annual business budget template features detailed, line-by-line lists of pre-set expenses and income. Use a completed budget to project the cost of year-by-year operations compared to available resources in order to justify your operational expenses. 

Use the preset criteria in an annual business budget template to determine the overhead and administrative costs related to your products or services and to make any adjustments. 

To ensure that you account for your business’s expenditures compared to potential — and actual — revenue, an annual business budget template should include the following sections: 

  • Employee Costs: This is a line-by-line account of projected and actual labor-related business expenses (e.g., salaries, wages, benefits, insurance, bonuses, etc.).  
  • Office Costs: This cost refers to the planned and actual occupancy costs (e.g., lease, electric, water, internet access, office supplies, security, etc.) of your establishment. 
  • Marketing Costs: Include any anticipated marketing budget details (e.g., website hosting, collateral production, trade shows, etc.).
  • Training/Travel Costs: Enter employees’ training costs (classes, webinars, certifications, etc.) and any related travel expenses. 
  • In-House Income: Add the planned and projected revenue sources (e.g., sales, fees, commission, service charges, etc.). 
  • Investment Income: This section covers funding from banks (dividends, loans, interest, etc.) and investor contributions. 
  • Expense Variance: Determine the difference between projected and actual expenses.  
  • Income Variance: Identify the difference between projected and actual expenses.
  • Summary: Get the big picture of your business’s budget, as well as the variance between anticipated and actual expenses and income sources, so that you can continue to operate successfully. 

Additionally, be sure to consider one-time costs in your annual business budget. Seasonal costs may also impact your budget, as well as any promotional events on which you plan to spend more on advertising or marketing campaigns to boost sales. These expenses can affect your business’s annual revenue projections.

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