Free Small Business Budget Templates

By Andy Marker | August 12, 2020

We’ve compiled the most useful free small business budget templates in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets formats, and also provided helpful details for filling out these templates. 

Included on this page, you’ll find many useful small business budget templates, including a simple small business budget template and a business budget template. Plus, discover why you need a small business budget template, and how to create a small business budget template.

Small Business Budget Template

Small Business Budget Template

Use this small business budget template to track and manage your business’s finances. This  easy-to-fill template includes a sheet for month-by-month income, another sheet for tallying monthly expenses, and a third sheet for recording cash flow balances that factors in credit and debit cashflow balances. Easily track and view monthly income and expenses to calculate total profits. The completed budget will help you gauge how close you are to reaching your financial goals. 

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Download Free Small Business Budget Template - Excel

Business Budget Template

Business Budget Template

This detailed, all-in-one budgeting template is a perfect fit for small business owners who want  to keep tabs on the financial health of their company. The template includes columns for labor hours, rate, materials, unit costs, and budgeted and actual figures for tallied over/under figures. Use the template to easily compare budgeted amounts to actual expenses for greater insight into how well you’re meeting your budget. 

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Download Business Budget Template - Excel

12-Month Business Budget Template

12 Month Business Budget Template

Track your small business’s month-by-month financials with this easily fillable 12-month business budget template. The template includes profit and loss category rows for cost of goods sold (GOGS), sales and marketing costs, labor costs, and earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT). You can also factor in cash, inventory, accounts receivable, net fixed assets, and long-term debt to gain month-by-month, quarterly, and annual insight into your business’s time-sensitive budget.

Download 12-Month Business Budget Template - Excel

Business Budget Template for Multiple Products

Business Budget Template for Multiple Products Template

Use this customizable template to track single or multiple-project budgets to get a comprehensive picture of your company’s financials. This business budget template for multiple projects allows you to factor in business income (actual vs. budgeted), product-by-product COGS figures, and gross profit (non-operating income) so you can quickly tally your total adjusted income. Enter operating expenses to see your company’s financial position and how close you are to reaching your goals. 

Download Business Budget Template for Multiple Products - Excel

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Annual Business Budget Template

Annual Business Budget Template

Get a yearly checkup on your company’s financial health with this annual business budget template. Use the income sheet to enter your sales figures (fees billed, commission income, service income, etc.), and compare those numbers to individual entries on an expenses sheet (COGS, travel, insurance, etc.). Plus, use the summary sheet to see an overview of your spending, based on income vs. expenses. The completed template will show you how close you are adhering to your budget and can help you determine any clarifications or adjustments. 

Download Annual Business Budget Template - Excel

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Business Expense Budget Template

Business Expense Budget Template

For an expense-by-expense, detailed drilldown of your small business’s expenditures — and how they affect your company’s budget — this template features a planned expenses sheet that totals your projected employee, office, marketing, training, and travel costs, and compares these against a sheet of your actual expenses. Use the third expense variance sheet to inspect the variance between the two (planned vs. actual), and the expense analysis sheet to gain a dashboard view, so you can analyze your organization’s overall financial health.

Download Business Expense Budget Template - Excel

Professional Business Budget Template

Professional Business Budget Template

Use this professional business budget template to make informed decisions about how projected and actual expenses affect your company’s bottom line. Enter employee and operations expenses on one sheet, compare them to actual expenses on a business expense actual sheet, and then inspect the variances and any discrepancies. A professional business analysis sheet provides a comprehensive analytical overview so you can see where you need to make adjustments to help your company meet its financial goals. 

Download Professional Business Budget Template - Excel

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Startup Budget Template

Startup Budget Template

Designed with simplicity in mind, this single-sheet, startup budget calculator features a single dashboard view on your business expenses. Use the template to easily compare projected and actual expenses, and use the first-year budget calculations section to gain immediate insight into projected average monthly costs, based on budgeted and actual income and expenses. Factor in small business expenses, such as office space, loans, and marketing costs, to ensure your company is financially successful from the get-go. 

Download Start-up Budget Template - Excel

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Why You Need a Small Business Budget Template

A small business budget template is a reliable tool that enables you to calculate expenses, revenue, and profits to see how close you are to reaching your organization’s financial goals. You can also use a template to factor in unexpected costs and revenue to determine which expenditures to trim in order to keep the company’s profitability on track. In short, a small business budget reveals additional opportunities and possible revenue streams. 

A small business budget template provides a clear, autotallied, factor-by-factor picture of a company’s estimated capital vs. the reality of expenditures. Simply enter the following details: 

  • Planned Expenses: These include employee costs (wages and benefits), office costs (lease, utilities, etc.), and other known payments.
  • Additional Costs: These costs might include marketing, legal fees, training, and travel. 
  • Actual Costs: This refers to how much items actually cost (compared to planned expenses). 
  • Planned Income: This includes anticipated income from sales, services, investors, etc. 
  • Actual Income: This refers to the actual income (compared to planned income). 

Once you enter the above budget details, use the template to inspect the variances between the projected budget and the actual numbers to track your business’s finances and make any necessary adjustments.

How to Create a Small Business Budget Plan

A small business budget allows you to plan for expenses and analyze anticipated income against actual income. When creating a small business budget, consider the following factors: 

  • Specify Fixed and Variable Costs: Determine all fixed and variable costs involved in running your small business, such as office space, equipment, employee wages, insurance, and training. 
  • Factor in Cost of Goods: Enter the cost of goods (COGS), which includes beginning inventory, shipping charges, and related labor. 
  • Estimate Your Income: Calculate the income you expect to earn, whether it is from existing capital, investors, or projected profits. 
  • Analyze Your Profit Margin: Compare the variance between projected costs and actual costs — as well as projected income compared to actual income — to determine how close you are to meeting financial goals. 
  • Adjust Your Budget: Update your budget as needed, once you see how estimates compare with actual income and expenses.

We’ve also compiled the most useful free budget proposal templates for organizations, project managers, grant writers, researchers, team members, and other stakeholders. 

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