Free Business Startup Checklists

By Joe Weller | May 26, 2022

We’ve collected the top free business startup checklist templates to ensure you account for every detail when launching your next venture. Use these checklists to track each phase of your startup so you don’t overlook any aspect. 

Included on this page, you’ll find a free business startup checklist template, a construction project startup checklist template, and a restaurant startup checklist template.

Business Startup Checklist Template

Business Startup Checklist Template

Download Business Startup Checklist Template
Microsoft Excel | Adobe PDF | Smartsheet

When you have a clear checklist for your startup, you help ensure your venture is successful. This template comes pre-filled with sample sections for research, business relationships, finance, development, and other startup tasks, but you can customize the checklist to reflect the needs of your startup. Download this checklist template to help track all of the important steps in your pre-launch startup plan.

Visit our complete collection of free startup plan, budget, and cost checklists to account for all finance-related aspects of your startup.

Construction Project Startup Checklist Template

Construction Project Startup Checklist Template

Download Construction Project Startup Checklist Template
Microsoft Excel | Smartsheet

A construction startup checklist can help ensure that your project moves smoothly through every business phase. Use this customizable checklist to track progress and monitor every detail of your construction project startup. Enter required project elements and assign responsible parties for each task along the way. 

Download additional free startup business plan checklists, and find example plans to use as a reference.

Restaurant Startup Checklist Template

Restaurant Startup Checklist Template

Download Restaurant Startup Checklist Template
Microsoft Excel | Adobe PDF

Improve your restaurant startup launch with this comprehensive checklist, which prompts you to track design, finance, operations, administration, marketing, and personnel needs. Add categories to meet your specific needs, assign team members to tasks, add target completion dates, and track task status with this template. 

To learn more about budgeting for your startup, download free business startup budget templates.

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