Free Client Intake Templates and Forms

Smartsheet Contributor Diana Ramos

July 2, 2020

We’ve compiled the most useful free client intake templates and forms for various business uses, including templates for small businesses, legal personnel, medical employees, and tax preparers.

Included on this page, you'll find a simple client intake template and a small-business client intake form, as well as learn what’s involved in the client intake process.

Simple Client Intake Form

Simple Client Intake Form Template

Use this simple client intake form to capture valuable information during the client intake process. This universal template accommodates a wide range of business purposes; use it for single client intake or as a template to record multiple clients’ information upon initial contact. You can store this new client information securely or share it with fellow employees and departments in order to keep everyone apprised of new client details.

To learn more about the client intake process, read “The Definitive Guide to Client Onboarding.” 

Download Simple Client Intake Form

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Small-Business Client Intake Form

Small Business Client Intake Form Template

It’s crucial that small businesses maintain a comprehensive record of their initial contact with new clients, so team members can quickly become apprised of client-specific details. This small-business client intake form is designed for more modestly sized companies that need to provide accurate intake information on their new or prospective clients, related to their particular business’s offerings. This way, any team member can review a client’s intake information and determine what action or outreach is most suitable. 

Download Small-Business Client Intake Form

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Legal Client Intake Form

Legal Client Intake Form Template

Law firms can use this legal client intake form as an all-in-one method for recording details about existing or potential legal clients. This template comes with space to note the client’s personal information, any citation data, driving history, and payment records, and you can customize it to suit the needs of your legal practice. Use the streamlined layout of this legal-specific client intake form to keep client details organized and accurate. 

Download Legal Client Intake Form

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Counseling Client Intake Form

Counseling Client Intake Form Template

Track critical client details prior to initial counseling sessions with this comprehensive, easily fillable counseling client intake form. The template includes sections to list details regarding general information, insurance details, mental health input, reasons for seeking counseling, and family mental health history. Whether you work in a clinic or have a private practice, you can use this counseling client intake form to accurately gather all counseling profession-related client intake information. 

Download Counseling Client Intake Form

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Business/Corporate Client Intake Form

Business Corporate Client Intake Form Template

Keep tabs on new and prospective business clients with this easy-to-use business or corporate client intake form. The customizable template includes sections for general information about a client’s business (e.g., business name, related companies, and contact information); their business-specific details (e.g., bank, primary legal counsel, etc.); and services they are looking for you to provide. 

This client intake form is a particularly good fit for accounting firms that offer accountant or financial advising services for businesses and corporations. It’s also fully customizable to allow for modifications of specific client intake details related to your business’s unique offerings. 

Download Corporate Client Intake Form 

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Tax Preparation Intake Form

Tax Preparation Intake Form Template

As a tax accountant or tax preparer, you have to gather client-specific tax details accurately during the new client intake process. Without a new client’s precise financial information (regarding their tax obligations), filings and refunds may be delayed, and the client may accrue possible penalties.

This template allows you to personalize each form with a client’s name and enter thorough details about their personal information, dependents, wages or salary, investments sold, and other tax-related details. This tax preparation intake form is perfect for tax accountants and tax preparers alike, and your clients can rest assured that their tax filing is accurate.

Download Tax Preparation Intake Form 

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Patient Intake Form Template

Patient Intake Form Template

Health professionals are uniquely responsible for accurately capturing patient intake information. This patient intake form template is the perfect tool for gathering new patient details, so any member of your medical staff can quickly get up to speed on initial assessments, prioritize treatment, and assign the client to the appropriate medical professional. The template includes sections for new patient details, emergency contact information, insurance data, referrals and adjunctive care, and health concerns and symptoms.

For more on patient records, read “The Importance of Medical Records Management.” 

Download Patient Intake Form Template 

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Real Estate Client Intake Form

Real Estate Client Intake Form Template

Use this real estate-specific client intake form to enter all prospective client information pertaining to a property. The form includes sections to note property address, client status (seller or buyer), contract acceptance and closing dates, buyer or seller contact data, realtors, mortgage brokers and banks, and title company information. This simple template also uniquely includes a “referred by” section, so you can track the word-of-mouth effect of your real estate business and continue to foster your seller and buyer network. 

For more on real estate client management, read this article on building a career in real estate project management

Download Real Estate Client Intake Form

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Salon/Spa Client Intake Form

Spa Salon Client Intake Form Template

Designed with simple, accurate new client info in mind, this salon and spa client intake form enables you to enter all pertinent details relating to your salon or spa’s services. Whether you offer single treatments or an array of beauty and wellness services, you can give this intake form to receptionists, masseuses, estheticians, and hair and nail stylists to use for the signature services that your salon or spa provides. Easily fill in the date, client name, contact information, and other health or beauty-related specifics and quickly usher in your new clients to your system.

Download Salon/Spa Client Intake Form

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What Is Involved in the Client Intake Process?

You can begin the client intake process by completing a client intake form, which has the potential to help you form long-lasting relationships with your clients. By recording accurate and thorough client-intake information, you help determine who in your organization to notify about services that clients are seeking, how urgent these services are, and what actions they need to take. (Note that the client intake process is distinct from client onboarding; for the latter, you can find free, downloadable onboarding templates and checklists in this article.)

Without a sufficient client-intake procedure, you risk missing the opportunities from first impressions. If you can’t record new client information precisely, you risk the initial encounter reflecting poorly on your organization. Additionally, you may lose out on valuable, enduring relationships with clients who look to you for support and guidance. Without an effective client-intake solution, your organization’s reputation could also be compromised, and you could possibly face monetary losses. 

The templates offered in this article will help ensure that you (and your coworkers) are able to record precise client intake information, the services requested, and any other relevant details. Each template offered on this page provides you with the ability to do the following: 

  • Establish an initial positive first impression for the client on your organization’s behalf. 
  • Form an enduring relationship of trust between you and the client. 
  • Obtain the client’s personal contact information. 
  • Record the details of the reasons the client is interested in hiring you. 
  • Determine next steps, so the client is on the way to becoming one of your long-term satisfied customers.

Elements of a Client Intake Form

In addition to making a good first impression on new clients, the most important step of building the relationship is recording comprehensive, precise intake information. Client intake templates typically include the following elements: 

  • Client Information: Enter the client’s name and other details, if applicable (e.g., date of birth, age, gender, etc.).
  • Contact Information: Enter the client’s contact information (e.g., address, phone number, email, etc.). 
  • Date: Enter the date of the client intake. 
  • Additional Details: Depending on your line of business, the client intake form may include the following sections: 
    • Business information 
    • Dependents 
    • Emergency contact(s) 
    • Financial institution details 
    • Health details 
    • Income details 
    • Insurance information 
    • Marriage status 
    • Military status 
    • Occupation 
    • Property or other asset details 
    • Referral details 

Regardless of your line of business, you can use any of the templates in this article to precisely record new client information — and provide the reasons for their interest in the services you offer. 

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