Free Client Management and Tracking Templates in Excel and More

By Diana Ramos | September 14, 2020

We’ve compiled the most useful free client management and tracking templates for successful customer relationship management (CRM), including templates for sales teams, human resources (HR) personnel, and client-facing employees. 

On this page, you'll find many helpful client management and tracking templates, including a CRM template, client intake templates, client profile templates, client log templates, client info sheets, and onboarding checklists and templates.

Customer Relationship Management Template

CRM Template

Generate and manage leads, track communication, and increase sales with your new and existing clients with this CRM template. Use the lead section to track a company, its contacts, and its projected sales details. In the communication log section, keep tabs on the date of last contact, next action to take, and lead-status details. Ensure you meet your sales and revenue goals with the customer-relationship-building and sales-activity-tracking capabilities that this all-in-one CRM template provides. 

For more on CRM, see “Customer Relationship Management Strategy, Planning, and Implementation.”

Download CRM Template

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Client Intake Templates

At the heart of any thriving business is the ability to capture valuable details during the client intake process. Whether you are a startup, a small business, or a larger company, you can use these client intake templates to accurately record your client-rich data and share it securely with team members. With new client details at their fingertips, everyone at your organization will be able to manage clients effectively.

Simple Client Intake Form

Simple Client Intake Form Template

It’s crucial for businesses to maintain comprehensive records of their initial contact with new and prospective clients. This fully customizable template includes sections for the following information about a client’s business: 

  • Their company name, related companies, and contact information
  • Their business-specific details (e.g., their bank, legal counsel, etc.)
  • The details of products or services they might want you to provide

Using this form, any team member can easily review a client’s intake information and determine the required action in order to ensure successful client tracking and management. 

For details on successful client onboarding, see “The Definitive Guide to Client Onboarding.” 

Download Simple Client Intake Form

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Small-Business Client Intake Form

Small Business Client Intake Form Template

With this small-business-specific client intake form, you can capture vital information during the client intake process. This intake form is designed for smaller businesses that need a reliable method to record accurate information about their new and prospective clients. Use this client intake form for a single client or for multiple clients as your business continues to grow.

Download Small-Business Client Intake Form 

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Business/Corporate Client Intake Form

Business Corporate Client Intake Form Template

During the intake process for a new client, you need to have the right tool to accurately gather client-specific details. When you don’t record a new or potential client’s information precisely, you risk losing valuable CRM opportunities. This business/corporate client intake form enables you to personalize the details regarding each new or potential client to help establish a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership.

Download Business/Corporate Client Intake Form 

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Client Profile Templates

These customizable client profile templates enable you to easily define your company’s ideal client and instantly access their marketing personas. Client profile templates allow you to specify your target audience, so you can better understand what improvements you might need to make in order to provide exactly what your clients are seeking. Download and use these templates to help determine who is likely to buy your products and services and where additional sales opportunities might exist.

Simple Client Profile Template 

Simple Client Intake Form Template

When you understand your clients, you can confidently approach them with suitable sales strategies. Moreover, these highly targeted strategies ultimately lead to more enduring business partnerships. To gain insight into how well your offerings match a client’s needs, use this simple client profile template to track profile information concerning individual clients. You can easily enter ideal client characteristics, company details, persona specifics, and compatibility assessments.

Download Simple Client Profile Template 

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Client Persona Worksheet Template

Client Persona Worksheet Template

Create accurate depictions of your ideal client with this client persona worksheet template. This template allows you to add a target persona’s image — as well as their characteristics and habits — so that you can get to know your perfect client and determine opportunities for growth.

Download Client Persona Worksheet Template

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Confidential Client Profile Template

Confidential Client Profile Template

Use this confidential client profile template to guarantee that sensitive details of your client profiles remain private. This template enables you to mark all sensitive material as confidential, so you can ensure that anyone who accesses the profile handles it appropriately. In order to create a comprehensive portrait of a client, you can enter their contact information, as well as any relevant details regarding family members and assets. By following this process, you can better tailor your offerings to a client’s needs.

Download Confidential Client Profile Template 

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Client Log Templates

When you are able to keep track of details concerning client contacts, you can improve your relationships with potential, new, and existing clients, as well as load business opportunities into your sales pipeline. Use these free client log templates to guarantee effective client management.

Sales Call Log Template

Sales Call Log Template

This call log template is perfect for sales teams looking for a way to accurately record sales-specific call details. Enter a client’s phone number, the date of the call, the relevant contacts, and any call notes, so team members can keep current and determine what action to take to help meet your sales goals. 

Download Sales Call Log Template

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Client Phone Log Template

Client Phone Log Template

This simple client phone log template enables you to maintain strong relationships with new and existing clients. Enter the date of the call, the contact number, the meeting details, and any important notes related to the conversations you have with each client. Team members can review the client phone log and determine the appropriate action that enables you to make the most of your client partnerships.

Download Client Phone Log Template 

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Daily Client Call Log Template

Daily Client Call Log Template

Up your client management game with this all-in-one daily client call log template that tracks day-by-day communication with your clients. Enter the date and time of the communication, the caller’s name and contact number, and any other details relating to the client call. With a streamlined layout, this template helps you keep comprehensive, up-to-the-minute details regarding client calls.

Download Daily Client Call Log Template

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Client Info Sheets

Designed to accommodate client information tracking for organizations of any size, the following free client info sheets help you standardize your information-gathering process. These fully customizable templates enable you to collect all relevant client information. By doing so, you can progressively build a better understanding of a client’s details and better serve them to attain your company’s client-relationship goals.

Simple Client Information Form Template

Simple Client Information Form Template

Use this simple client information form template to capture all relevant details for a client. You can use this all-purpose client-information form to gather information for a single client or for many clients. With this template’s flexible, customizable, and streamlined layout, you can keep members of your organization apprised of client-by-client details (contact information, special instructions, and other notes, such as special terms). 

Download Simple Client Information Form Template

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Client Information Sheet Excel Template

Client Information Sheet Excel Template

This easy-to-fill client information sheet is the perfect client-information tool to help you gather unique client-by-client details. Enter contractual information, appointments, client inquiries, credit specifics, account usage, and signatures (if needed) to ensure that you maintain comprehensive client-specific notes. With a simple layout, this information-tracking template provides an overall picture of what your clients are seeking. 

Download Client Information Sheet Excel Template - Excel 

Tax Client Information Sheet Template

Tax Client Information Sheet Template

Use this tax-client-specific information sheet template to track client tax details, so your tax preparation team has the most up-to-date tax figures to better serve your clients. Enter taxpayer details, spousal and dependent information, and other relevant data to ensure that you have the most recent tax information for preparing tax forms. This template also includes sections for total tax service fees and for any balance due. Tax accountants and other tax experts can use this tax client information sheet template to guarantee complete accuracy — and accountability — come Tax Day.

Download Tax Client Information Sheet Template 

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Onboarding Checklists and Templates

Use these onboarding checklists and templates to track all client or new hire information and ensure that you’ve set up yourself and your clients for success from the outset. Whether you are in sales, management, HR, or other departments that facilitate client onboarding or new employee onboarding (welcome, initiation, follow-up, etc.), these templates give you all the tools you need to ensure that you account for all documentation, tasks, training, and other to-do’s.

Client Onboarding Checklist Template

Client Onboarding Checklist Template

Although onboarding is often considered a set of tasks and to-do’s for new employees, your team members can use this client onboarding checklist template to assign client-specific tasks and ensure that you successfully onboard your clients. Enter backlog (e.g., assign a sales representative), welcome (e.g., schedule a client kickoff meeting), and follow-up (e.g., answer client questions) tasks, as well as other details to ensure that you’ve optimally integrated your clients with your company and the products or services you provide. 

‌Download Client Onboarding Checklist Template 

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New Hire Onboarding Checklist

New Hire Checklist Template

Ensure you get the best from your new employees by using this new hire onboarding checklist to track all assigned and required documentation, as well as training and tasks. This checklist template serves as a tracking sheet and checklist to assist HR personnel, managers, and other mentors when they account for the work of new hires.

Download New Hire Onboarding Checklist

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HR Onboarding Checklist

HR Onboarding Checklist Template

Use this HR-specific checklist to keep track of new hire onboarding tasks. Set week-1 activities (e.g., meet with your manager, discuss key responsibilities and objectives, etc.), as well as 30-, 60-, and 90-day activities, and assign a contact person to monitor each onboarding activity. This HR onboarding checklist is designed to verify that new hires are meeting milestones and fulfilling the tasks assigned to them, thus helping you keep tabs on their productivity. 

Download HR Onboarding Checklist

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Onboarding Plan Template

Onboarding Plan Template

Set up a comprehensive new hire onboarding plan with this onboarding plan template. Designed to help new employees successfully integrate with your company, the template includes a process monitor/mentor column to designate who’s responsible for each task during the preparation, orientation, and integration stages of the onboarding process. This onboarding plan template is customizable, allowing you to add specific tasks, stages, and mentor details. By following this process, you can make sure that new hires have what they need to be highly productive employees post-onboarding.

Download Onboarding Plan Template

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Additional Free Client Management and Tracking Templates

For additional resources to support you in all aspects of your client management process, check out our wide selection of free, downloadable templates — from successful customer and client relationship management sheets to client profile templates, client log templates, client info sheets, and client onboarding checklists and templates:

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