Free Client Information Forms and Templates

By Diana Ramos | July 8, 2020

We’ve compiled the most useful free client information forms and templates for gathering client details. Find templates for general use, tax preparers, businesses, and counselors, as well as instructions for how to use these forms.

Included on this page, you'll find many helpful client information forms and templates, including a simple client information form template, and a client registration form, and learn the elements of a client information form.

Simple Client Information Form Template

Simple Client Information Form Template

Standardize your client information-gathering process with this simple client form. This fully customizable template serves as an all-purpose client information form that you can use to record information for a single client or as a template to capture details for multiple clients. To learn more about how to collect client information, see “The Definitive Guide to Client Onboarding.”

Download Simple Client Information Form Template 

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Tax Client Information Sheet Template

Tax Client Information Sheet Template

It’s crucial for accounting professionals on a tax preparation team to have up-to-date client information. This form includes sections for taxpayer details, spouse information, dependants, and other information you’ll need to complete tax forms. Additionally, this template includes sections for total fee, adjustments, total due, and balance due.

Download Tax Client Information Sheet Template 

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Real Estate Client Information Sheet Template

Real Estate Client Information Sheet Template

Use this real estate client information sheet template to easily collect essential details about your clientele. Enter the date, referred by, and contact details, as well as whether the client is a buyer, seller, or investor. In addition, you’ll find space for whether a contract has been accepted and signed or if the client has requested an appointment. Keep your clientele’s information current with this concise client information sheet template.

Download Real Estate Client Information Sheet 


Counseling Client Information Form

Counseling Client Information Form

Keep your counseling client information up to date with this easily fillable counseling client information form. In addition to contact information and counseling-specific details, use the checkboxes to denote whether or not counselors can mail client sensitive information to a particular address, or leave detailed messages on home, mobile, and work voicemail. Whether you work at a counseling clinic or have a private practice, this counseling client information form is an excellent tool for accurately recording or updating sensitive patient details. 

Download Counseling Client Information Form

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Client Information Sheet Excel Template

Client Information Sheet Excel Template

This is a universal client information template that you can customize to fit your purposes. This all-purpose template includes space to collect contractual information, appointment details, client inquiries, business and credit information, and account usage details, as well as a section for signatures. This multi-purpose client information sheet template is available in Excel and as a Google Sheets template that you can save to your Google Drive.

If you’re looking for specific contact detail forms, see “Free Contact List Templates.”

Download Client Information Sheet Excel Template - Excel

General Client Information Sheet Template

General Client Information Sheet Template

Keep tabs on your clients’ information with this multi-use general client information sheet template. Regardless of your business (whether you are in law, an esthetician, a masseuse, or an accountant), you can use this fully customizable general client information sheet to enter any client-specific information. Use the details you collect to quickly assess any action you need to take to maintain strong relationships with your clients.

Download General Client Information Sheet Template

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Confidential Client Information Sheet

Confidential Client Information Sheet Template

Designed with confidentiality in mind, this client information sheet comes pre-filled with “legal matter” confidential information. This easy-to-complete template provides ample space for name and contact information, DoB, Social Security number, employer, the nature of your visit, and the reason for selecting your particular business. 

Download Confidential Client Information Sheet

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Corporate/Business Client Information Sheet Template

Corporate Business Client Information Sheet Template

This streamlined corporate/business client information sheet template is useful for collecting all the pertinent details related to your business-to-business (B2B) clients. Use the “Business Information” section to enter the company’s name, contact information, nature of the business, and relevant ID, as well as phone, fax, and email information. The “Services Required” section features a checkbox next to each service, so you can mark which the client is hiring you for. Keep proactive records of current clients, potential leads, and business partners with this corporate/business client information sheet template. 

Download Corporate/Business Client Information Sheet Template

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Client Registration Form

Client Registration Form Template

Keep the client registration process simple and organized with this basic form. The template is designed with straightforward, accurate client registration in mind — use it to enter all relevant details (e.g., client/account information, business name, contact person address, billing address, and email) to keep your clients’ registrations easily retrievable and orderly. Customize the form to meet your organization’s particular registration needs.

Download Client Registration Form 

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What Is a Client Information Form?

Organizations use a client information form (or sheet) to keep client information details on hand, so that interactions with clients can run as smoothly as possible. Regardless of your industry, having up-to-date client information — including contact information, required services, preference details, and payment information (if applicable) — helps you to do the following: 

  • Keep accurate records of your clients’ information. 
  • Use details to enhance your relationships and quality of service with clients. 
  • Anticipate any follow-up action related to optimizing relationships with your clients. 
  • Familiarize associates with the most current client information. 
  • Facilitate future interactions with clients by having current information available.

Elements of a Client Information Form

Client information forms and sheets help you maintain better customer relationship management (CRM) and anticipate opportunities for expanding your offerings for them. Whether you are a sales organization, or in real estate, counseling, or tax preparation, the most important step of building strong client relationships is documenting comprehensive, precise information. Client information templates typically provide the following: 

  • Contact Information: Enter the client’s contact information (e.g., address, phone number, email, etc.). 
  • Additional Information (if applicable):
    • Date of birth
    • Social Security number
    • Gender
    • Spouse details
    • Dependents information
    • Contract name and number 
    • Billing information 
    • Payment terms 
    • Contact preferences 
    • Legal details 
    • Signatures 
  • Services: Enter details of the services you will provide to the client. 
  • Preferences: Enter any details the client prefers from the services you offer. 
  • Registration Details: Include specific details, if the client is registering for an event or service. 
  • Referred By: Document details of how the client found your offerings, so you can monitor how they chose you (in order to grow your client base).

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