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Smartsheet Contributor Joe Weller

June 25, 2018

Contact lists provide a convenient way to keep track of personal and professional contact information. We’ve grown accustomed to having contact lists built into our mobile phone and email services, and many of us have felt the huge impact when a phone is lost and the data hasn’t been backed up. This page offers a variety of free contact list templates that are easy to use, customizable, and printable to help you manage your contact info.

Business Contact List Templates

Business Emergency Contact Template


Business Emergency Contact Template

Download Business Emergency Contact Template
Excel | Word | PDF | Smartsheet

This template is designed for businesses to compile all of the important contacts that may be needed for an emergency event. You can list the contact info for all your employees, phone numbers for utility companies, insurance policy details and contact information, emergency services, and more. Add your business contact information at the top, and edit the template to include any other info that is specific to your building, location, or type of business.

Employee Emergency Contact Form


Employee Emergency Contact Form

Download Employee Emergency Contact Form
Word | PDF | Smartsheet

This contact information form allows employees to include emergency contacts, doctor information, and medical conditions. Businesses can use this form to collect contact info from staff and to keep accurate records. You can also compile this information into a spreadsheet or other database to keep contacts organized and easily accessible.

Employee Contact List Template


Employee Contact List

Download Employee Contact List Template
Excel | Google Sheets

Use this spreadsheet to manage employee contact information. Columns are provided for listing names, address details, email and phone, office locations, and notes. You can modify the template to include additional (or fewer) columns if needed — for example, department names, job titles, projects, or other categories that might be helpful for organizing employees.

Contacts Spreadsheet Template


Contacts Spreadsheet Template

Download Contacts Spreadsheet Template
Excel | Google Sheets

This is a general contact sheet template that you can use for personnel, customers, suppliers, or other business contacts. You can even combine business and personal contacts on one spreadsheet. Simply categorize each entry with a personal or business label, and then filter the sheet to quickly view all of the contacts in each category. Keep track of company contacts, business locations, website information, and other details. This is a simple yet comprehensive tool for managing contact info.

Vendor Contact Info Template


Vendor Contact Info Template

Download Vendor Contact Info Template - Excel

Create a detailed list of vendor contacts that includes product or service descriptions, ratings, contract dates, and room for additional notes. This template makes it easy to see which vendors are approved and how their ratings compare to others. Make sure you keep contact names up to date for each vendor to help streamline the ordering process and support your business relationship.

Customer Contact List Template


Customer Contact List Template

Download Customer Contact List Template - Excel

Use this template to keep track of customer information, which can include the best method for contacting them, notes about recent interactions, customer ID numbers, and scheduled appointment times with clients. Edit the template to make it work for you and your business, whether you’re tracking new leads or managing existing customers. This is an Excel spreadsheet, so you can filter it by customer name, location, ID number, or other info.

Personal Contact Info Templates

Printable Emergency Contact List


Printable Emergency Contact List

Download Printable Emergency Contact List
Word | PDF

Create a personal or family emergency contact list that includes anyone you want to be notified in case of emergency, including physicians or other medical personnel, emergency services, and work contacts so your employer can be informed if needed. You can print and hang this list in your home so that family members, caregivers, or neighbors can easily access it.

Emergency Contact Information Card


Emergency Contact Information Card

Download Emergency Contact Information Card

Word | PDF

This template provides a card-sized format so that you can easily carry emergency contact information with you. Simply print the template and put it in a wallet, purse, or child’s backpack for easy access. Edit the template to include your most important contacts and information that might be needed in an emergency, such as a planned meeting place, contact info for family and friends, and medical or other special needs.

Address Book Template


Address Book Template

Download Address Book Template - Excel

Use this template like a traditional address book: Add contact info, birthdays, and any other details you want to have on hand. For each person on the list, you can add contact information for both work and home and include notes or important dates that you want to remember. This is a simple way to keep all of your contacts organized and in one place.

Telephone Contact List Template


Telephone Contact List

Download Telephone Contact List Template - Excel

This template focuses on phone contacts, including work, home, and mobile numbers. You can use the form to create a backup hard copy of your mobile contacts or to print a list of important contacts that you frequently call. If you’re using this template as backup storage for peace of mind, be sure to update the information whenever your mobile contact list changes.

Wedding Guest List Template


Wedding Guest List Template

Download Wedding Guest List Template - Excel

Designed for managing a wedding guest list, this template can also be used for other events or special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversary parties, or community events. In addition to names and contact information, you can list RSVP responses, additional guests in a party, and any other details that will help with planning and carrying out the event.

Sports Team Contact List Template


Sports Team Contact List

Download Sports Team Contact List Template

Excel | Word | PDF

You can use this template as a team roster, sports sign-up sheet, or contact list. It also works well for clubs or other groups. For a sports team, keep track of player names, parent or guardian details, and contact information. You can also add information about the team, coach, and season at the top of the template. Share the list with team members via email, or download it as a PDF file and print.

Advantages of Digital Contact Management

There are obvious advantages to having a digital list of contacts as opposed to a traditional paper address book: You don’t have to worry about losing it; you can access it from various devices; it’s easier to update and manage; and it can grow along with your business. But, how do you decide whether to stick with a simple contact spreadsheet or use a web-based service or contact management software? For small businesses or those just starting out, it may not make sense to invest in software until you have developed a large customer database.

Some of the advantages of using software include spending less time on manual data entry, allowing easy access for multiple people within a company to manage the information, and having built-in tools for analyzing data and producing automated reports. But, for small businesses, freelancers, and organizations with smaller numbers of contacts to manage, an Excel sheet or similar tool may be all that’s required to organize and keep track of customers and other contacts.

Whether you’re working with a CRM spreadsheet template for sales leads or using software to manage customers, you may be able to import contacts from email lists or other sources in order to create a comprehensive database of contacts and export the information when you need to create invitations or marketing materials. With any type of digital contact management, it’s important that you update the information regularly and add notes to keep track of communications and other relevant data.

Managing Business, Employee, and Emergency Contacts

Businesses may require multiple databases for tracking customers, vendors, and other contacts. In addition to all of the outside contacts required to run a business — including clients, suppliers, business partners, utility companies, and other services — employee information must also be collected, managed, and safeguarded to ensure the privacy and safety of personnel. Just as tax forms, banking details, and other employee information need to be carefully managed, emergency contacts and related info must be kept up to date. In case of emergency, it’s helpful to have a dedicated emergency plan and contact list. Here are a few items you may include on an emergency contact information form:

  • Primary and Secondary Contacts: Employees are often asked to list more than one emergency contact and to name the relationship to each person. This could be a relative, friend, or other contact who is accessible with a current phone number.

  • Emergency Services: Calling 911 is often the first course of action, depending on the emergency, but it can also be helpful to include contact information for the police, the fire department, and other services.

  • Medical Conditions: Employees may choose to list medications or other medical information, such as doctors or existing health conditions, in case an emergency takes place at work and they are in need of medical care but unable to communicate in the moment.

  • Services for Minor Emergencies: Having easy access to phone numbers for a taxi, locksmith, or other service can expedite dealing with minor events.

Emergency contact lists are important not only in a business setting, but also at school and at home. In the home, this type of list is especially helpful for keeping babysitters and other caregivers in the loop, maintaining neighborhood contacts, and more. The more prepared you are, the more likely that you will handle an emergency smoothly.

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