Free Client Intake Templates and Forms

By Diana Ramos | July 2, 2020 (updated March 26, 2024)

We’ve compiled a selection of the top free, printable, and fillable client intake forms. These forms are intended to document important information from new or potential clients before commencing work or providing services. Ensure that your organization has all the necessary information to deliver the best possible service to your clients.

Included on this page, you’ll find a legal client intake form, a tax client intake form, a patient intake form, a real estate client intake form, a marketing client intake form, and more. Plus, get tips on creating a client intake form.

Simple Client Intake Form

Simple Client Intake Form Template

Download a Simple Client Intake Form for
Excel | Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF | Smartsheet

Use this simple client intake form to capture valuable information during the client intake process. This general intake form accommodates a wide range of business purposes; use it for single client intake or as a template to record multiple clients’ information upon initial contact. The template can be printed and completed manually or filled out online. You can store this new client information securely or share it with fellow employees and departments in order to keep everyone apprised of new client details.

To learn more about the client intake process, see this definitive guide to client onboarding.

Legal Client Intake Form

Legal Client Intake Form Template

Download a Legal Client Intake Form for
Excel | Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF

Law firms can use this printable legal client intake form as an all-in-one method for recording details about existing or potential legal clients. This template provides space to record the client's personal information, citation data, driving history, and payment records. It can be customized to accommodate additional legal-questionnaire details required by your firm or practice. Use the streamlined layout of this legal client intake form to keep client details organized and accurate. 

Try downloading one of these free, editable project intake forms for help capturing key details at the beginning of a new project.

Counseling Client Intake Form

Counseling Client Intake Form Template

Download a Counseling Client Intake Form for
Excel | Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF

Track critical client details prior to initial counseling sessions with this comprehensive, easily fillable counseling client intake form. The new client template includes sections to list details regarding general information, insurance details, mental health input, reasons for seeking counseling, and family mental health history. Whether you work in a clinic or have a private practice, you can use this counseling client intake form to accurately gather all counseling profession-related client intake information.

Tax Client Intake Form

Tax Client Intake Form Template

Download a Tax Client Intake Form for 
Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF

As a tax accountant or tax preparer, you have to gather client-specific tax details accurately during the new client intake process. Without obtaining precise financial information from the client regarding their tax obligations, filings and refunds may be delayed, and the client may accrue penalties.

This printable template allows you to personalize each form with a client’s name and enter thorough details about their personal information, dependents, wages or salary, investments sold, and other tax-related details. This new customer tax preparation intake form is perfect for tax accountants and tax preparers alike, and your clients can rest assured that their tax filing is accurate.

Patient Intake Form Template

Patient Intake Form Template

Download a Patient Intake Form Template for 
Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF | Google Docs

Health professionals are uniquely responsible for accurately capturing patient intake information. This patient intake form template is the perfect tool for gathering new patient details, so any member of your medical staff can quickly get up to speed on initial assessments, prioritize treatment, and assign the client to the appropriate medical professional. The template includes sections for new patient details, emergency contact information, insurance data, referrals and adjunctive care, and health concerns and symptoms questionnaire.

For more resources on patient records, see this guide to medical records management.

Real Estate Client Intake Form

Real Estate Client Intake Form Template

Download a Real Estate Client Intake Form for
Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF

Capture all pertinent information from prospective clients as a real estate professional with this convenient and print-friendly client intake form. The form includes sections to note property address, client status (seller or buyer), contract acceptance and closing dates, buyer or seller contact data, realtors, mortgage brokers and banks, and title company information. This simple template also uniquely includes a “referred by” section, so you can track the word-of-mouth effect of your real estate business and continue to foster your seller and buyer network. 

For more on real estate client management, read this article on building a career in real estate project management.

Marketing Client Intake Form

Marketing Client Intake Form Template

Download a Marketing Client Intake Form for
Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF | Google Docs 

Streamline the client intake process for marketing projects with this unique, printable marketing client intake form. Collect vital information from potential clients by capturing their basic details, business goals, target audience, competitor insights, current marketing efforts, and budget. This user-friendly template empowers your marketing agency to understand the client's needs and to develop a customized marketing strategy that aligns with their objectives.

See this comprehensive collection of free client management templates to find additional customer relationship management (CRM) templates and resources.

Salon Client Intake Form

Salon Client Intake Form Template

Download a Salon Client Intake Form for
Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF | Google Docs

Simplify the intake process for new clients in your spa, hair salon, or massage studio with this printable client intake form. Designed for accuracy and simplicity, this form allows you to capture all the necessary details related to your spa, hair salon, or massage services. Whether you are a receptionist, esthetician, hair stylist, or massage therapist, this form can help you gather important client information. Simply fill in the date, client name, contact information, and other relevant details to efficiently onboard new clients into your system.

Small Business Client Intake Form

Small Business Client Intake Form Template

Download a Small Business Client Intake Form for
Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF | Google Docs | Smartsheet

Maintaining a detailed record of initial client contact is vital for small businesses to ensure all team members have the necessary client-specific information. This client intake form is specifically designed for smaller companies, allowing them to provide accurate intake information for new or potential customers based on their specific business offerings. With this form, any team member can easily review a client's intake information and determine the appropriate next steps or outreach.

What Is an Intake Form?  

An intake form is a document used to gather important information from clients, customers, or patients when they first interact with a service or organization. It typically includes basic details like contact information, purpose of seeking services, and other relevant data.

What Information Does the Client Intake Form Gather?

The information collected through an intake form is used to create a client or patient profile, which is then used to inform decisions about treatment or services. Intake forms may be completed on paper or online, and may be customized for the needs of the service provider.

How Can I Create a Client Intake Form? 

Creating a good client intake form involves striking a balance between simplicity and collecting necessary information. Design a client intake form that is user friendly for your clients while ensuring it captures all the required details.

Here are some general steps you can follow to create a successful client intake form: 

  1. Determine the Required Information: Before creating a client intake form, identify the information you need to gather. This will depend on your industry, services provided, and client requirements.
  2. Create the Form: Use a tool like Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, or Google Docs to create your client intake form. Add fields for each required piece of information, such as text fields for names and addresses, dropdowns for options, and checkboxes for yes/no questions. Include sections for clients to provide detailed information about their needs or concerns.
  3. Customize the Form: Personalize the client intake form by adding your logo, adjusting colors and fonts, and including any additional instructions or details. Keep the form simple and straightforward while ensuring all necessary information is collected. Test the form with a few clients to ensure its effectiveness.
  4. Download a Client Intake Form: Download an editable client intake form template in Microsoft Word to provide structure and ensure the key sections remain intact.
  5. Test and Revise: Prior to implementation, test the intake form with a few clients to verify its functionality and information collection. Consider revising the form based on client feedback.
  6. Share the Form: Once the form is ready, share it with clients through a link, email, or by embedding it on your website.

Remember, creating a client intake form is necessary for gathering essential information about new clients before initiating any work or services. The primary objective of your client intake form is to collect relevant details that enable you, as the service provider, to understand the client's needs and deliver effective support and services.

Elements of a Client Intake Form

In addition to making a good first impression on new clients, the most important step of building the relationship is recording comprehensive, precise intake information. Client intake templates typically include the following elements: 

  • Client Information: Enter the client’s name and other details, if applicable (e.g., date of birth, age, gender, etc.).
  • Contact Information: Enter the client’s contact information (e.g., address, phone number, email, etc.). 
  • Date: Enter the date of the client intake. 
  • Additional Details: Depending on your line of business, the client intake form may include the following sections: 
    • Business information 
    • Dependents 
    • Emergency contact(s) 
    • Financial institution details 
    • Health details 
    • Income details 
    • Insurance information 
    • Marriage status 
    • Military status 
    • Occupation 
    • Property or other asset details 
    • Referral details 

Regardless of your line of business, you can use any of the templates in this article to precisely record new client information — and provide the reasons for their interest in the services you offer. 

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