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Free Construction Submittal Templates: Logs, Schedules, Review Forms and Cover Sheets

by Diana Ramos on Sep 18, 2020

We’ve compiled the most useful free construction submittal templates, including submittal forms, logs, schedules, review forms, and cover sheets for general contractors (GCs), architects, project managers, and subcontractors. 

Included on this page, you’ll find a construction submittal form template, a submittal transmittal form, a submittal schedule template, a submittal cover sheet, a submittal log template, and a submittal review form.

Construction Submittal Form Template

Construction Submittal Form Template

Use this easy-to-fill template to prepare submittals for general contractor and design team approval for materials and equipment. Enter project identification details (e.g, submittal ID, project ID, project name, etc.), the submittal type (e.g., shop drawing, product data, RFI, etc.), as well as who prepared the submittal. Add architect approval to the document via a submittal review form. This construction submittal form template also includes a built-in construction submittal change order, should the project require any cost changes to the initial scope of work. 

For more on construction submittals, see “Everything You Need to Know to Manage Construction Submittals.” 

‌Download Construction Submittal Template 

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Construction Submittal Transmittal Form

Construction Submittal Transmittal Form Template

Keep key players updated with any changes by entering the submittal type (e.g., updated show drawings, design date, contract closeout, etc.), part, type, and description. This construction submittal transmittal form documents communications related to submittals for consideration by everyone involved in the project, including project managers, architects, engineers, general contractors, and subcontractors. This form is instrumental in ensuring that all material or equipment details in the submittal transmittal meet the project requirements. 

Download Construction Submittal Transmittal Form 

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Schedule of Submittals Template

General contractors can use this schedule of submittals template to ensure submittals and projects are delivered on time. Easily list submittal items, as well as their timelines, to ensure they are delivered to project managers, engineers, permit issuers, and inspectors. Enter project ID and name, PM name, and contract information, as well as submittal spec section information (including submittal type and description) and projected dates for transmittal, approval, and delivery. 

For more resources on scheduling construction projects, see “Free Construction Schedule Templates.”

Download Schedule of Submittals Template - Excel

Construction Submittal Schedule Template

Construction Submittal Schedule Template

Architects and engineers can use this template to track all products, equipment, and materials  for a construction project. You’ll find columns for GC, sub and spec numbers, submittal descriptions, submittal status, date issued and approved, and approved-by details. Project managers can also use this template to easily track plan proposals for a successful construction project completion. 

For more on managing construction projects, see “Complete Guide to Construction Project Management.”  

Download Construction Submittal Schedule Template

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Submittal Cover Sheet

Submittal Cover Sheet Template

GCs can use this submittal cover sheet to introduce a single or a “package” of submittals to the design team for approval. Enter the submittal number, project/job number, a description of the submittal(s), and list any attachments that have details about areas of the project affected by the submittals process. Keep all collaborators (architects, PMs, subcontractors, foremen, etc.) in the loop with this easy-to-fill submittal cover sheet.  

Download Submittal Cover Sheet 

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Contractor Submittal Transmittal Form

Contractor Submittal Transmittal Form template

Use this contractor submittal transmittal form as a cover page to introduce proposed materials or services that need approval from GCs or other members of the construction project team. Specify whether this is a new submittal or resubmittal, enter the project name and number, and list submittal type (e.g., shop drawing, sample, or informational). Add descriptions of the submitted items, spec and drawing numbers, and whether the included submittals contain variations to the current contract. This all-in-one contractor submittal transmittal form will help keep project managers and other design team members apprised of any updates to materials or services and enable them to meet project obligations. 

Download Contractor Submittal Transmittal Form

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Submittal Log Template

Submittal Log Template

GCs and subcontractors can easily track submittals with this comprehensive log template. GCs can log submittals to obtain materials or services details from subcontractors, while subcontractors can log submittals approvals and milestone dates. Enter project ID and name, location, and contractor details to identify the project. Add the item ID, name, party responsible, dates received, parties to send copies to, and status to complete this all-inclusive list of a construction project’s submittals. 

Download Submittal Log Template

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Architect Submittal Log Template

As an architect, whether you need to track submittals that affect contractors, vendors, engineers, project managers, or subcontractors, this easy-to-fill log ensures that you accurately record all submittal details. This architect-specific submittal log template provides a streamlined submittal process by enabling architects to communicate proposed materials and services with GCs, contractors, and other team members. For ease of tracking, complete the columns for item ID and name, responsible party, and date received details, as well as status and date returned.

For more construction management tools, see “Excel Construction Management Templates.” 

Download Architect Submittal Log Template

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Construction Submittal Register Template

Construction Submittal Register Template

Use this construction submittal register template to record required or desired submittals for a construction project. Enter time and location details (e.g., transmittal number, description of item submitted, etc.), type of submittal (e.g., drawings, instructions, schedule, samples, certificates, etc.), and contractor schedule (e.g., approval or material-needed-by) to ensure accurate recording of submittals-related specifics.

Download Construction Submittal Register Template

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Submittal Review Form

Submittal Review Form Template

Architects can use this submittal review form to monitor individual submittals for possible approval. The form provides checkboxes to denote the status of the submittal (e.g., no exceptions taken, revise and resubmit, reviewed, etc.), as well as ample space for notes on submittal approval or rejection, and any necessary alterations. Use this submittal review form as your quality assurance method for submittals materials or services proposals, or any other changes to the construction project.

Download Submittal Review Form 

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