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By Diana Ramos | July 30, 2019 (updated August 2, 2023)

We’ve compiled a collection of the most effective construction schedule templates for project managers, supervisors, construction workers, construction payroll personnel, and subcontractors, as well as best practices for preparing and using construction schedule templates

Included on this page, you’ll find a residential construction schedule template, a two-week look ahead construction schedule template, a construction payment schedule template, a commercial construction schedule template, and a three-week look ahead construction schedule template, and more.

Residential Construction Schedule Template

Residential Construction Schedule Template

Download a Residential Construction Schedule Template for 
Excel | Google Sheets | Smartsheet

Complete your residential construction project on time and within budget with this simple scheduling template, which allows you to manage project tasks in a user-friendly Gantt chart format. This printable spreadsheet comes pre-loaded with all the stages and tasks of a basic residential construction project — from initial design to final details and closure — so you can easily map your construction timeline schedule. Input start and end dates, identify the percentage of each task that has been completed, and keep track of resources with this comprehensive template.

Download one of these free construction project management templates for Excel to ensure that your construction team is on track.

Commercial Construction Schedule Template

Commercial Construction Schedule Template

Download a Commercial Construction Schedule Template for 
Excel | Google Sheets | Smartsheet

Keep your commercial construction project timeline organized with this simple schedule template that allows you to manage specific construction deliverables, assign tasks to owners, and view progress. The template divides construction projects into basic stages: proposal and documentation, design, contracts, permits, inspections, and more. Keep all stakeholders, vendors, and clients in the loop, and ensure that each task moves you toward your larger construction goal.

Use a free construction scope of work template to successfully document all slated work for a construction project.

Schedule of Values Construction Template

Schedule of Values SOV Construction Template

Download a Schedule of Values Construction Template for
Excel | Adobe PDF

Document a detailed schedule of original contract sums, including change orders, to keep your construction project within the bounds of your pre-approved budget. Identify and track scheduled valuations against actual spend to maintain an accurate balance sheet that you can use to justify the total amount of money spent once the project wraps.

Construction Payment Schedule Template

Construction Payment Schedule Template


Download the Construction Payment Schedule Template for Excel

Any general contractor can manage their expenses and keep payments in order with this complete payment schedule template. Simply document who you are paying, the service(s) provided, the date of payment, and the amount paid, all within this single, easy-to-use template.

Construction Submittal Schedule Template

Construction Submittal Schedule Template

Download a Construction Submittal Schedule Template for
Excel | Adobe PDF

Ensure that the correct products and materials are being installed at the right time with this submittal schedule template. Track the product specifications, document any additional notes or descriptions, and input both the date issued and date approved so you can verify that all your products, samples, and other construction materials are delivered in a timely fashion — and that they don’t hold up the rest of your project.

For free resources and templates related specifically to construction work orders, check out this collection of free construction work order templates and forms.

Construction Activity Schedule Template

Construction Daily Activity Schedule Template


Download a Construction Activity Schedule Template for Excel

Plan your construction project down to the hour to keep inventory of which tasks should be completed on each day, and by whom. Track scheduled start and end times and view who is assigned to each task throughout the workday to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Two-Week Look Ahead Construction Schedule Template

Two Week Construction Schedule

Download a Two-Week Look Ahead Construction Schedule Template for
Excel | Google Sheets

View your construction project in two-week increments to get a better understanding of the work that needs to be done in the next 14 days. List each activity and project task, the location in which it should take place, and the person assigned to each. By doing so, you can ensure that the entire team is accountable and up to date on the construction progress schedule.

Three-Week Look Ahead Construction Schedule Template

Three Week Construction Schedule

Download a Three-Week Construction Schedule Template for
Excel | Google Sheets

Track your construction project timeline over a three-week period with this comprehensive schedule template, designed to give a project overview of the near future. With space to document all project activities, locations, and task owners, you can stay on top of your project to ensure that it lands on time.

The Importance of Having a Construction Schedule

Construction projects are time sensitive and rely on schedules and deadlines. For that reason, it’s important to implement a variety of construction schedules — from daily to weekly to monthly — to ensure you keep your construction project on track.

In addition to keeping your project moving, you’ll need construction schedules to do the following:

  • Update the Client on Project Progress: Keep the client looped in on when they can expect their project to be done, or make clients aware of any hiccups or roadblocks in the schedule.
  • Communicate Deadlines to Responsible Parties: Inform your client and all project stakeholders of any responsibilities or deadlines that they need to meet.
  • Coordinate Additional Teams: Schedule additional groups involved with your project, like subcontractors, inspectors, or developers.
  • Calculate Project Finances: Predict the cash flow and the cost of the project.
  • Create Clear Lines of Communication: Provide clear communication between the project manager, the construction workers, third-party vendors, stakeholders, and clients.
  • Manage Expectations: Keep expectations aligned with the actual schedules and deliverables of the project.

What to Do Before Making a Construction Schedule

Before you dive in and begin mapping out your construction project, you must first ensure that you understand the project and all relevant tasks associated with it. Additionally, be aware of all potential roadblocks that would disrupt the original timeline. 

To ensure you are considering all project tasks and their associated constraints, start by making a list of tasks that must be completed throughout the duration of your project. Include a detailed description of each, and break tasks down into subtasks when necessary.

Once you’ve listed all the activities, identify task dependencies (i.e., any tasks that must be completed before others can begin). Determine the duration of each task, and identify any project milestones that you must hit at specific times. This process is sometimes referred to as the critical path method (CRM). Finally, assign team members to tasks to ensure accountability.

Creating a Gantt chart is one helpful way to help plan, track, and manage your project and all associated tasks in a more visual way.

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